Beastars – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Beastars begins at the park as Legoshi sits and strokes his own tail while the school learn of another murder somewhere in a neighboring town, leading them back inside. However, Legoshi holds back with Haru and offers to walk her home given how dangerous things have become lately.

As Legoshi grabs hold of her hand to prevent her leaving, it draws attention to them from the nearby officials who deem it to be assault. As they run, Legoshi realizes he can be confident and himself around her, finally acting like a wolf.

They hide out in the toilets together and as the officials leave, they make it back to campus. Just as Legoshi is about to admit the truth about his feelings, she tells him she was nearly killed nights earlier – clearly remembering the incident that occurred but of course, unknown to her that it was actually Legoshi. He thanks her for the shared night and they go their separate ways.

Juno tries to make more of an effort with the drama team and in the evening, she sweeps up the club as Rouis arrives. They dance together before she knocks him to the ground and tells him she’ll become the next beastar. She also goes on to tell him that Legoshi will be hers.

That evening, Legoshi and Juno meet at the park and as she looks set to ask him to the festival, the power suddenly goes out leaving them stranded. Legoshi immediately bolts to find Haru and uses his keen sense of smell to follow her scent. He finds her behind the tree and she immediately throws her arms around him. Juno sees this and immediately realizes that Legoshi is in love with her.

With Juno now acting as the wild-card catalyst in this whole messy love triangle, things look set to become very interesting indeed for the episodes ahead. There’s a lot to like about Beastars and the unique aesthetic and visual cues continue this episode with another strong, hand-drawn effort. Quite what the rest of the season has in store for us remains a mystery but based on this showing, Beastars is shaping up to be a very good animated offering this year.

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