Beastars – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Lion Gang

Episode 9 of Beastars sees Rouis awaken from a nightmare and it’s here we cut back in time and see that he was originally being sold on the black market as food for carnivores. It’s something that adds a little more depth to his persona and from here, he was adopted and then taken back to a dangerous house. His adoptive Father forced him to fight to survive.

After fighting, he’s given a mission to change the world. As we cut back to the present, we see that 3 months have passed and Tem’s murderer still hasn’t been caught yet.

Legoshi watches as Bill tries to pounce at Rouis but he stops him, holding him down. It turns out there’s a whole group plotting to get him at the Festival and stop Rouis from being the Beastar. Legoshi decides to protect him and as he makes this promise, Bill breaks free and tells him it’s not possible to do this alone.

Legoshi confesses his love to Haru not long after, knowing that she’ll reject him, and after some dancing around the facts, he tells her to meet him at the Festival the next night so he can confess his feelings to her properly.

Unfortunately, a group of lions capture Haru and hold her captive. She’s forced to strip down, where the lion takes pictures of her and runs a bath. At the same time, the Mayor talks to Rouis about his plan and forces him into making a deal. As he leaves the tent, Legoshi tells him about Haru being captured but Rouis’ apathetic reaction causes him to lash out and strike. As their friends hold them back, Legoshi tells him that Haru will be his.

With themes around loyalty and love coming to the foreground, more of the overarching plot comes to the foreground here as we see this group of lions capture Haru. Are they the ones responsible for killing Tem? Only time will tell but this episode appears to be setting the scene for the late season drama as we gear up for the inevitable conclusion to this tale.


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