Baki – Part 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Baki part 3 begins with Jaku outstretching his hand and offering a handshake to Retsu before the fight. That handshake turns into a grip of strength as Retsu pummels Jaku with numerous strikes. Jaku is tricky though and reverses the hold into an armbar before encouraging him to stand up. As the crowd rushes to the stage, Retsu tells them to leave after finding his right arm handicapped.

As they fight, both men are evenly matched prompting Jaku to dig into his bag of tricks and suggest Retsu let him heal his elbow. However, Jaku surprises everyone and holds true to his word, relocating the previously shattered elbow. As the fight begins anew, Jaku turns to the unconventional method of self-defence and when he senses Retsu has let his guard down, hits the Sea King with a devastating headbutt to the jaw.

Eventually it’s too much though and Retsu is declared a winner. As his foe drops to his knees, his hands hold a vice-like grip to his wrist which prompts Retsu to cast an admirable glance over his opponent as he realizes Jaku has been fighting until the very end. Slinging his arm over his shoulder, he helps carry him backstage which garners a respectful round of applause from the crowd.

While Jaku bows to his comrades and apologises for not being able to round things out with a perfect win for their team, Alai Jr takes to the arena next and prepares for his fight with Sea King Han. With just two hits, Alai Jr wins the fight but Han decides to carry on…until he falls on the ground and collapses from the pain, which is where the episode ends.

Alongside the interesting and unconventional fight between Retsu and Jaku, the halfway point of this season throws in some slick camera work, with one particular highlight being the way Sea King Han stumbles and falls to the ground, using a neat little dutch angle to tilt the camera and catch the disorientating nature of this fight. On top of that, the white cut-away screens used to highlight the different moves is used incredibly well here and the fights are as outrageous and over the top as they were in the past too. 

Quite where the season will go from here remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – this tournament is far from over.


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