Baki – Part 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Baki part 3 begins moments after Alai Jr’s win, where it’s determined that the Chinese Allied Forces cannot win and as such, the outsiders have taken the crown. Yujiro takes to the arena though and reiterates what Kaku tiold him backstage about their perfect victory. He goes on to lavish praise on the old Sea Emperor and helps wheels him across the circular ring where we learn more Kaku’s previous training.

With over 100 years of martial arts under his belt, including the art of logic, Yujiro hears enough and strikes his wheelchair down, coming at Kaku who takes the brunt of his move but adopts the art of Shaori to dislocate his jaw on purpose and absorb the brunt of this attack.

Yujiro starts to understand how to thwart the old man’s attacks, plucking a hair to stiffen Kaku’s muscles and striking him across the field. Kaku is too much though and as he looks set to strike Yujiro, the Strongest Man On Earth dodges the move and watches as the wall cracks from the sheer force of the old man’s fist.

Kaku’s defensive Shaori turns to an offensive weapon but as he hits Yujiro again, the Strongest Man On Earth mimics Kaku and decides to use Shaori himself. Only, it turns out he only did that to show off and his real power is finally unleashed, slamming his fist to the ground and cracking the arena.With the two standing toe to toe, the real fight looks set to begin, which is where the episode ends.

With the outsiders declared the victors and the tournament all but over, it looks like we’ll be graced with one final fight between Yujiro and Kaku which is certainly gearing up to be a very interesting fight indeed. In a way, this season has felt a little bit like the World Tournament Saga in Dragon Ball Z, especially given the way these one on one fights have played out and thrown up some decent surprises along the way. Perhaps the biggest fight is still to come though and as these two men stand toe to toe, this massive slug-fest looks like it’s about to start.


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