Attack On Titan – Season 4 Episode 25 ”Night of the End” Recap & Review

Night of the End

Episode 25 of Attack on Titan Season 4 starts with the group assessing their chances. With the stragglers from Marley joining our main characters, Hange tries to work out their chances tackling Eren.

Regardless of if they’re successful or not, they all agree that genocide is never the answer and set out to stop him putting his plan into action.

The thing is, if the island is still left standing then it could rile the people up more than Willy Tybur’s speech did. Although they’d get away with a few more years of peace, it could also lead to another war in the future. Hange doesn’t care. Right now, the only thing that matters is stopping Eren.

While they all sit and await Hange making food for the group, the two sides clash verbally over what they’ve been fighting for. The General calls out Mikasa and the others for interfering with them stopping Eren and Zeke getting together. However, the Eldians bite back and claim the Wall tumbling and Eren seeing his mother being eaten was the start of this whole nightmare.

“It’s silly to talk about the past when none of us were there,” Hange gently interjects, whilst also pointing out that after all of this, they can’t go back to being “island devils.”

Before they can even think about coexisting they need to stop Eren. And stopping him stems from Mikasa changing his mind. Whether she’ll be successful or not though is another matter. For now, the fighting will cease until she at least tries.

With the food ready, Hange discusses with the captain how they’re going to get near Eren. A flying boat will probably be the best option, although fuel is a problem and they’re not sure exactly where Eren is.

The subject of Sasha’s death is, inevitably, brought up too as these two sides air out all their animosity and drama before they properly team up together.

It’s Gabi who actually drops to her knees and pleads with those from Paradis Island for forgiveness. This singular act, repenting for her actions and speaking on behalf of those in Marley, helps to stop everything escalating into pure carnage.

In the morning, the gang prepare to move out and rally the troops. However, the Cart Titan comes bounding in with big news. Jaegerists have taken the port and seem to be on a locomotive too. With the final fight approaching, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

It was perhaps inevitable that Attack on Titan would slow down and start to drip-feed its drama until the final fight. This episode ultimately plays out like a last supper of sorts, with both sides reflecting on what’s happened leading to this point.

With no main title credits this chapter either, all the drama is instead channeled into several important conversations that start to bridge the gap between the years-long propaganda-driven feud these two sides have had.

It’s perhaps unsurprising in a way to see this rivalry develop the way it has, but everything is left poised on a knife-edge as we go into the next episode.

There’s really not a lot going on here in truth, beyond those important discussions – but they are important to actually keep this uneasy coalition together when things get hairy.

Whether Mikasa can convince Eren to stop his bloody rampage or not is left up for debate. What is undeniable though, is that Attack on Titan is prepping for a war and when that hits, it’s going to consume the season into bloody conflict. Who will make it out alive?

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