Attack On Titan – Season 4 Episode 24 ”Pride” Recap & Review


Episode 24 of Attack on Titan Season 4 begins with a big reveal – Levi is still alive. Hange is with him, making sure he’s okay and warding off anyone getting close with a swift gunshot or two.

Hange contemplates whether to just live out in the woods, but as Eren’s message shines through, Levi awakens and bemoans that Zeke has got way. His goal here is to kill Zeke, and he forms a loose alliance with Pieck to see that come to fruition.

Given how massive the Founding Titan is and how desperate the situation is, they have no other choice if they want to even think about standing up to this world-ending threat before them.

Meanwhile, Conny rides with Falco and reflects on his choice to kill him in order to bring his mum back. Eventually though they arrive in Ragako Village, but Conny knows where they are after overhearing him mumbling at camp the previous evening.

A frightened Falco suddenly turns bemused when Conny suggests they brush his Mother’s teeth. Of course, this is a ploy to get him closer to the Titan but just before he makes his move, Gabi rides up frantically, warning her comrade what’s about to happen.

Armin rides with her and decides to let his actions talk, preparing to sacrifice himself. Only, Conny stops him at the last second.

Conny realizes what’s happened and reflects on his journey to this point, telling Armin that he just wants to be a good soldier for his mum and do what’s right. However, he stopped Armin as he didn’t want his mum to turn into the Colossal Titan, given how much pain that would inflict for her.

The last of the rumbling Titans leaves the city, as Floch rallies the troops on behalf of the Jaegerists. The soldiers chant “give your hearts” and remain determined to follow Eren. Among those who have returned are Armin and the gang (with Conny) who sits down and notice Annie is still alive, stuffing her face with pie.

This happens to be the calm before the storm, given the Jaegerists have been warped by Eren’s ideology and remain determined to wipe out all those who oppose them. This starts with Yelena and Onyankopon on their knees, awaiting execution. The latter chuckles bitterly, reflecting on how the only ones left will be these xenophobic soldiers.

Suddenly, the Cart Titan shows up and breaks the sickening display. In the chaos, it looks like Yelena and Jean have been eaten. The truth is, they’re actually just transported away by the Cart Titan, with Jean there too. He defected the previous night onto their side, realizing the error of his ways and choosing the side he believes is right.

The four bullets that preceded this were actually a sign from Jean, intending to start the fight back. With all eyes on the other side of the fort, Mikasa, Annie and the others race out of town. Together, this rabble of survivors show up to see Reiner, where they intend to team up and save the world.

The Episode Review

Well, that’s quite the surprise! Attack on Titan completely changes the game this week, with all of our different characters joining together by the end to form a loose alliance in order to take out Eren and stop him from plunging the world into certain doom.

This works really well to change everything we’ve learned up until this point, with Eren’s evil turn contrasting where he started all those years ago during the first and second season.

With Annie now awake and both Eldians and Marleyans working together, this should help usher in a new world order if they’re successful and come out the other side unscathed. That’s obviously easier said than done though, and the ending hints that Reiner and Annie are goin to be key parts of this plan going forward.

Everything is left wide open here for the next episode, which promises to be quite the dramatic affair.

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