Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Let’s Make a Hideout

Episode 6 of Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout begins with Ryza telling Empel she wants to build a secret hideout using alchemy for her and her friends. After receiving insight from him, she returns home and discusses hideout plans with Tao, Lent, and Klaudia. Ryza presents them with a quirky design, so Tao edits it to help everyone get on board. Once they complete the hideout’s design document, Ryza imagines what the place will look like. She presents the others with a list of items she needs to help her gather before they can build the hideout.

Ryza and her friends leave her home to find construction material for the hideout. They stumble upon a lady named Bascila, her goat, and much wood. The lady allows Ryza and her friends to use it. Bascila asks Klaudia if she can fetch her a pudding recipe as payment for the wood. Klaudia complies and promises to give Bascila the recipe and a sample. We receive a short montage of everyone performing tasks concerning Ryza’s hideout preparation plans.

Klaudia runs into trouble when she hands Bascila the recipe. Bascila tells her that cow milk’s tough to get on the island. Later. Klaudia tells Ryza she made a sample with goat milk and offered it to Bascila. Unfortunately, Bascila prefers the cow milk variant.

Ryza apologizes for putting Klaudia through all this, but Klaudia reminds her she volunteered to do this and is okay with the obstacle. Ryza notices Klaudia’s using a different type of sugar than the Eltz Sugar they sell on the island. This gives Klaudia an idea to use it in the goat milk pudding variant. Bascilia finds the variant with Eltz Sugar satisfying and tells Klaudia she’ll let her use as much goat milk and eggs as she needs to make more. Ryza promises to get Klaudia more Eltz Sugar for her.

We cut to Ryza synthesizing Eltz Sugar at her atelier. After she delivers the sugar to Klaudia, Ryza meets with Lent and Tao on the other island to build the hideout. Klaudia arrives later and suggests they all take a break. Klaudia tells Ryza she plans to deliver the new pudding samples to Bascila tomorrow. She and Ryza visit Bascila’s place in the morning, and Bascila enjoys it and thanks Klaudia for her effort.

We transition to Ryza and Klaudia on the other island as they wait for Lent and Tao to finish resting. After working on some of the hideout’s interior design, Ryza declares it’s finally complete.

Ryza declares the hideout will be called Atelier Ryza. After each of them share their dreams, Lent senses something strange coming from the forest. Ryza tells Klaudia to stay at Atelier Ryza to explain everything to Empel and Lila when they arrive on the island. The trio encounters a crystalized scorpion monster, and Lent tries fighting it. Something catches the monster’s attention, allowing Ryza, Lent, and Tao to flee. They return to Atelier Ryza, notice Empel and Lila, and explain everything to them. Lila heads into the forest to investigate. She returns and informs Empel that she couldn’t find any trace of the creature.

Lila praises Lent for his decision-making. Empel finds it strange that there’s no information about the creature, but he plans to look into it. Empel asks Ryza if he and Lila can reside here to keep watch on things. He tells Ryza that she and the others can’t come near this place until they’ve searched it for safety precautions. Although Ryza’s upset about it, she says she’ll accept his terms.

Empel hands Ryza a Core Crystal, an artifact that will let her reuse any item synthesized through alchemy. The episode closes with Ryza thanking Empel for the gift.

The Episode Review

The famous “Atelier Ryza” has finally been constructed, but our hero’s fun there didn’t last long. It appears the island had some strange anomaly and danger on it that Empel himself wasn’t aware of. While it’s unfortunate Ryza and her friends can’t stay at the atelier they spent a couple of days building, she at least received a useful item from Empel for their troubles. 

At the same time, this scorpion-like monster adds a level of intrigue and danger to the story. This is an area the anime was lacking in for a while. Although the series could play more into the game’s action elements, this sudden reveal of undiscovered danger provides viewers with the hope that there will be some thrilling developments ahead for this anime. 

Many Klaudia fans will be happy with this episode too. It gave Klaudia something to do to assist our heroes in their endeavors while making her feel more integral to the team. Hopefully, the anime will give her more necessary scenes that’ll assist her in gradually attaining the confidence she needs to play her flute in front of her father.

Overall, this was a heartwarming chapter of the anime that adds some ounce of intrigue pertaining to this island’s secrecy.

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