Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Klaudia’s Courage

Episode 7 of Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout begins with Klaudia’s father telling Klaudia to stay away from dangerous places due to an earthquake that occurred. Klaudia visits Empel and Lila’s home. She asks Lila if she can teach her archery because she wants to be strong enough to fight monsters and be a valuable asset to Ryza and the others. Empel says they won’t have time to train her, but Lila suggests teaching Klaudia how she can train by herself.

We receive a brief montage of Klaudia training while Lent, Ryza, and Tao are elsewhere doing their own thing. After that, Ryza tells Klaudia Atelier Ryza might be safe to return to based on information she received from Lila. However, they must wait for Empel to inform them when it’s the right time. Romy, the traveling merchant from a previous episode, bumps into Ryza and Klaudia. She tells Klaudia that her client hired her to find someone who’d assist her in finding a “winning” dress to help her client “score a prince.” She states she has three dresses for Klaudia to try on that’ll help her client decide which is best.

A girl named Jonna arrives and admits she’s Romy’s client. Jonna tells Ryza her friend’s getting married soon, so she’d rather have someone help her choose a dress now to win over a prince if one were to arrive on Rasenboden someday. Klaudia asks Ryza if she can join her in this dress-wearing endeavor, but Romy refuses to let Ryza wear her elegant dresses. Klaudia convinces Romy to let Ryza try dresses. Romy submits but asks them if they can get Lila to tag along.

Lila refuses at first, but Ryza and Klaudia convince her. Lila tries putting on the dress but struggles, resulting in a medallion on it breaking. Empel returns and permits Ryza to return to Atelier Ryza. However, he tells her not to navigate through the Atelier Ryza’s gathering area.

Ryza plans to fix the medallion with alchemy as Lila promises to join her and Klaudia in their dress-wearing endeavors since she broke the medallion. As Klaudia undergoes her archery training, we cut to Ryza, Tao, and Lent, visiting Atelier Ryza.

Ryza fixes the medallion with alchemy and returns to Klaudia’s home to let her sew it back on the dress. We transition to Romy’s dress presentation and see Ryza, Klaudia, and Lila pose before Jonna. Jonna tells Ryza she purchased all the dresses after the event, making Ryza question why she needed them to try on.

Jonna plans to depart the island immediately to find her prince. After they say goodbye to Jonna, Klaudia asks Ryza if she can take her along on her adventures. Ryza reveals she knew that Klaudia’s been practicing archery and would love for her to come along. However, she’s worried about what her father would say as we cut to them meeting him.

Mr. Valentz, Klaudia’s father, refuses to let his daughter attend adventures with Ryza. Although he’s secretly seen her practice archery, he doesn’t trust Ryza to keep Klaudia safe since he thinks she’s weak. Klaudia proposes a wager. If Ryza and her friends prove they’re strong, he must let Klaudia attend journies with them. Mr. Valentz says if Klaudia’s wrong, she can’t see Ryza and her buddies again. Ryza leaves to gather Lent and Tao. All four of them follow Mr. Valentz. He informs them of the challenge he wants them to complete.

Mr. Valentz asks them to fix a leak caused by the earthquake. Ryza returns to her atelier to synthesize an object that’ll help her clear up the leak. Once she finishes, she returns to Mr. Valentz’s place to fix it. Ryza and her friends remove the water present in the area. Mr. Valentz informs them they passed their first test. Klaudia and the others head somewhere to celebrate their victory.

Bos and Lumbarr arrive to poke fun at Ryza and company. Klaudia asks Bos why he has a grudge against the trio. He says he can’t stand their childish ways. Ryza tells Bos they’ll prove they’ve changed as people, but he doubts it. Bos and Lumbar flee.

The episode closes with Ryza motivating the others to join her in completing Mr. Valentz’s trials. That way, they can prove Bos and Lumbar wrong.

The Episode Review

This chapter delves more into Klaudia’s complications with her father. It appears playing her flute in front of him is only one of her many worries as he believes she’s not ready to handle the world on her own, especially if she’s accompanied by Ryza and her friends. Nonetheless, many fans will adore seeing Klaudia push herself and attempt to get stronger on her own after receiving advice from Lila.

Not only will training as an archer makes her a valuable team member for Ryza, but it’ll give her the motivation and courage necessary to play her flute in front of her father. This challenge gauntlet Mr. Valentz has in store for Ryza and company should make for fascinating entertainment down the pipeline. Although the first challenge was mundane, there’s potential for the others to be harder. 

Moreover, it’d be great if they all were themed around everyone’s skills. This leak issue was a perfect task for Ryza, so it’d make sense for the others to be themed around observation and strength tasks for Tao and Lent’s sake.

Although this episode doesn’t offer anything too groundbreaking, it was a nice episode that touches upon compelling ideas and sets fans up for some interesting developments to come. Hopefully, the future chapters can give us something fascinating to digest. 

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