At A Distance, Spring Is Green – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Myung-Hoon Gets His Comeuppance

Episode 11 of At A Distance, Spring is Green begins with Yeo-Joon forced into his Father’s office. Just before his Dad strikes him, Joon-Wan bursts into he room and tells his brother to leave. When he does, Joon-Wan grabs his father by the scruff of the neck and warns him, reminding the despicable father that Yeo-Joon is off-limits.

The pair head outside and talk in Joon’s car. With tears in his eyes, Joon-Wan apologizes. He didn’t know Myung-Hoon was beating him too. The pair patch up their differences, finally rekindling that brotherly love as Yeo-Joon watches his brother drive away.

Yeo-Joon eventually heads back home and immediately weeps, reflecting back on what’s happened with his family. Soo-Hyun is there to help him though, as Yeo-Joon takes some time away to gather his thoughts. That eventually sees him heading back to campus with renewed purpose, hugging So-Bin tightly and telling her he misses her.

After receiving his class notes from her and Soo-Hyun, So-Bin receives a call from Professor Yeo and hurries off. This gives Soo-Hyun and Yeo-Joon a chance to talk,. Only, they’re interrupted by Chun Gook showing up. He heads into the classroom and drops to his knees, apologizing profusely to So-Bin for what transpired between them several episodes back.

After escorting him back to his seat, the attention turns to a new class project instead. Specifically, this is focusing on a PR video for a promotion or brand. Furthermore, their Professor suggests the whole class get involved with secret Santa too.

This certainly gets everyone talking, as the students all head out for a meal together. There’s a wide array of kids there, including Chun-Gook and Jung-Ho too. Tellingly, Yeo Joon smiles; a joyous and jubilant grin that’s one of pure happiness. He’s not faking it anymore.

Meanwhile, Young-Ran and Chan-Ki come to a decision. They’re both obviously torn over their exs but decide to ring each other instead whenever things get tough. That way, they can rely on one another.

News of Myung-Hoon’s abuse soon begins to spread online. As it does, this businessman finds his life turned upside down. The house is empty where Jung-Joo has left, while the secretary at work is gone too. A drunken Myung-Hoon stumbles over to Yeo Joon’s place, desperate to try and find his wife. He blames Joon and claims it’s his fault all of this has happened.

When he eventually leaves, Myung-Hoon next turns to Joon-Wan, pleading with him to convince Jung-Joo to return. Joon-Wan pulls away from his father’s embrace, sickened by his abuse and telling him he has no one and nothing now.

As the episode closes out, the kids all start to get into the vibe of producing their brand video. Yeo-Joon, So-Bin and Soo-Hyun realize they need to do something to help them stand out from the crowd. This then eventually comes in the form of Kim Hye-Yoon, whom they decide to cast for their video.

The Episode Review

At A Distance, Spring is Green returns this week with another solid episode, this time seeing Myung-Hoon get his comeuppance after all the abuse he’s dished out on his family over the years.

In a way, this part of the story feels quite similar to Sky Castle when the Professor learns what he’s done and is left with nothing. Unlike his character, Myung-Hoon has no redeeming features. There is no excuse for beating people like that – no less his own family.

Yeo-Joon standing up to his father also shows how far he’s come as a character. This is obviously a big thing for him, especially off the back of the earlier abuse he’s had to withstand.

From the ridiculous need to dye his hair black or be a completely different person to appease his parents, through So-Bin and Soo-Hyun’s influence he can now proudly stand up to them both. Because of this, he’s all the stronger for it.

Seeing this character transformation has easily been one of the best parts of this show, while the high school drama helps to keep things rooted in realism.

Either way, At A Distance, Spring is Green has been a decent watch over the weeks. The way this show tackles abuse has been one of its big strengths, while the ending leaves things wide open for where this may go next.

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