At A Distance, Spring Is Green – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

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True Feelings

Episode 10 of At A Distance, Spring is Green begins with Yeo Joon and his brother finally talking, revealing the truth out on a bridge about the abuse he suffered in the past. Joon-Wan and Yeo-Joon seem to have patched up their differences too, with Joon-Wan dropping his brother off at the Youth Villa and exchanging a pained smile.

Back inside, Soo-Hyun quizzes Yeo Joon about his night and talk with Joon-Wan. As they sit together, Soo-Hyun remains hopeful that there will be a time where Yeo Joon and his brother look back fondly on their past together.

While So-Bin contemplates messaging the boys too, Mi-Joo and Young-Ran lie in opposite beds, conflicted over Soo-Hyun dropping his finger in their game. Both are convinced that he likes the other, continuing this tepid love triangle.

Later that day, Yeo Joon sits with So-Bin where she comments on the coldness of his eyes. It’s testament to the journey this kid has had over the course of the season, but class awaits and interrupts their train of thought.

Inside the classroom, their Professor teaches them about self development. Hilariously, So-Bin and Yeo Joon both point out Soo-Hyun as a good leader, with examples to back this up. He’s pretty shy and coughs nervously.

Mi-Joo eventually plucks up the courage to talk to Soo-Hyun after class. She admits she developed a crush on him thanks to his lifestyle and general attitude to life.

Unfortunately he rejects her, admitting that he doesn’t have anything to offer. Well, she has something for him. She hands over a sketch she’s done of his face and thanks him for coming into her life. Even though she’s been rejected, she walks away knowing that she’s done everything she can. She’s at peace with that and still hopeful for her own future.

Back home, Yeo Joon finds her Mother waiting at his apartment. She’s not interested in finding out how he is though and instead, remains determined to find Joon-Wan.

She begins acting erratically as Yeo-Joon grabs her hand and notices bruises. It looks like she too has been beaten by his Father. Joon-Wan has been aware of these beatings too but kept it quiet from Yeo Joon for his own protection. Yeo Joon however, is not sure he’ll be able to forgive his Mother for what’s happened between them.

Meanwhile, Young-Ran plucks up the courage to talk to Soo-Hyun. First though, it’s a race to the coffee house. Unbeknownst to them, on the horizon happens to be Yeo Joon’s father, Myung-Hoon. He’s irate about the video of the school fight spreading online. He demands his subordinate keep an eye on Joon and bring him in later on that day

So-Bin meanwhile, heads off to visit her Mother. They air out their issues, with So-Bin questioning her devotion and crying bouts in the past. It’s tough for So-Bin to be there and after admitting the truth, she eventually walks away from her Mother. However, So-Bin is conflicted given she actually missed her all this time as well.

When So-Bin catches up with Yeo Joon, using him as a rock and source of comfort, he finds himself confronted with his Father’s subordinate. Unfortunately Yeo Joon is forced to leave the school campus for now. Joon-Wan catches wind of what’s happening and races off back home, expecting the worst.

Yeo-Joon confronts his Father, who tells him he needs to move back home. Yeo Joon is stronger now than he was and refuses. Unfortunately, Myung-Hoon grabs the kid and throws him in his office, leaving things on a knife-edge for next week’s double bill.

The Episode Review

At A Distance, Spring Is Green returns with a sombre episode that hones in on our characters expressing their true feelings and opening up about how they feel. The cute triangle with the Professors works well as a light-hearted break from more of the melodramatic stories which seeps into every other subplot being woven here.

Of course, the central story revolves around Yeo Joon and his family, who have shunned him for a long time. Seeing his progression over the season, standing up for himself in the face of this adversity is a powerful moment, but one that sees him about to be faced with the receiving end of his Father’s wrath.

Soo-Hyun too has finally come out of his shell and is a lot more open with the others about how he feels. The chat with him and Yeo-Joon earlier in the episode about the abuse he’s experienced is easily one of the best moments of this chapter.

In fact, the way At A Distance, Spring Is Green tackles the idea of abuse is definitely the highlight of this. The ending certainly leaves things wide open for next week though, with many question marks around exactly what’s going to happen next.

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