Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show – Netflix Season 1 Review

Season 1

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Lamp Room
Ice Cube Day
For The Culture
Murder Mystery
Birthday Party
Full House But Black


Sketch shows are always a little hit or miss and when it comes to comedy, it’s always a subjective art form; one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Astronomy Club is a well written and interesting sketch show, split across 6 episodes and tied together by one cohesive theme – playing on racial tensions for laughs. The result is something that’s both cleverly written and hilarious throughout the series despite a reliance on the same sort of punchlines.

Each episode clocks in at around 30 minutes or so and feature an ongoing story poking fun at Big Brother, as the men and women are forced to live together. Around this ongoing story are various different sketches that vibe on a variety of different ideas including black movie pitches, a mansplaining game show, porn choices and even a celebratory Ice Cube day. All of this uses the same core cast of characters in a variety of different situations, culminating in a celebratory final sketch that pays tribute to what’s come before in the best possible way.

While a lot of the jokes do rely on the same sort of exaggerated punchlines, the actual set-ups and situations are diverse and play on a range of different societal and historical topics to great effect. Whether it be Robin Hood attempting to steal from a rich black family or even quick-fire jokes that play on racial stereotypes, Astronomy Club does a great job keeping things unpredictable throughout the six episodes. Thanks to the way the show flies through a series of different sketches, there’s bound to be something here you find funny, especially if the first couple of scenarios don’t tickle your funny bone.

If you’re looking for something a little bit silly and a whole lot of funny, Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show is well worth checking out. The relatively short run time for each episode makes this an easy show to dip in and out of while the diverse range of subjects explored should be enough to whet the appetite if you do vibe with this one. It’s not the best sketch show out there but Astronomy Club has enough personality to it to make it a decent comedic offering.


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  • Verdict - 7/10

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