Assassin’s Creed Mirage Guide: “The Master Thief of Anbar” Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Guide – The Master Thief of Anbar

Mission List (Tap to jump down the page!)

Follow Nehal

Steal the pouch

Meet with Dervis

Steal the Ledger

Return to Dervis

Infiltrate the palace

Warn Dervis and the others


Welcome to Assassin’s Creed Mirage! Ubisoft announced that this would be a game that “gets back to the roots” of what made Creed so endearing and the missions through this game certainly live up to that billing.

After the initial opening cutscene, which sees William Miles narrating and informing us about the “Order of the Ancients”, we’re brought into Basim’s world in the Middle East.


Follow Nehal

After a bad dream, Basim awakens to find Nehal looking over him. After a brief bit of dialogue, we’re on the move. Progress up the linear passage, listening to Nehal. As you do, we’ll be graced with a great view of Anbar, the Province of Baghdad in 861 CE.

We now get our first taste of traversing in Mirage. Follow Nehal across the rooftops, being sure to follow the instructions of holding the left analog stick and pressing X to jump. 

The path is pretty linear and you’ll be travelling across rooftops and ropes, out of a window and eventually up a ladder. At the top, another cutscene.


Steal the pouch

Jump down from the rooftop and follow Nehal. She’ll give you your first task – stealing the pouch.

It’s quite straightforward and simply requires you to head up and hold Triangle to take the pouch. After, leave the market and follow Nehal again as she leaves the main market square. 

Next up, we’ll need to do the same again but this time pickpocketing a man by the table. Head over and press Triangle to pickpocket. There will be a brief window for a QTE where we need to press Triangle again, making sure the white line is inside the blue diamond to make for a successful getaway. If you fail, you can always redo this bit.

There will be one more person after this to pickpocket and then Nehal will sarcastically celebrate your victory before we press on to our next mission.


Meet with Dervis

From Nehal’s position, head up the boxes behind her and over the rooftops. You’ll notice a new map marker on your UI.

Head over to the designated spot, either over the rooftops or on the ground. When you arrive, a whole bunch of kids will rush over and greet you. Our destination is just beyond that, inside the open doorway. After meeting Dervis, he’ll give you your next mission – stealing a shipping ledger at the harbor. 

Basim’s arrogance will see Nehal leave you for this next play so we’re on our own for now.


Steal the Ledger

Exit the house and turn left, heading toward the designated marker by the dock. Basim will show and a cutscene will ensue, as two soldiers discuss their wares.

Much like in previous Creed games, stealth plays a big part in making sure each mission goes swimmingly. Here, we need to stay crouched to remain in the vegetation and make sure we’re hard to detect.

When the guard approaches, press R1 (RB) to take them out with a silent takedown. Head up the boxes to the right to get a better view of the area.

The marked area with a yellow X (and the cogwheel) is our destination, and we need to get there without being spotted by the three guards lurking below. Essentially we need to go up to the right of this rooftop (pictured above) and then balance across the rope leading down to the house (pictured below)

However, the door is locked so we need to try and find the key. Head back on the roof of this building and head across the rope to the next rooftop. Whilst here, use your eagle vision by tapping the left directional button. One of the guards patrolling the area will be highlighted with a key symbol above his head. This is who we need to take out… quietly!

The easiest method is to drop from above and knock out the guard by the front door.

Once that’s done, head inside the house, stay crouched and go up the ladder. You’ll notice the guard patrolling this area. Use your Eagle Vision to get a lock on his location and wait for him to turn away before approaching. 

You can either knock him out or simply pickpocket, the choice is yours. Either way, you’ll gain 1x Anbar Harbor Warehouse Key for your troubles.

It’s also worth noting that the pots just next to the guard include healing items and other trinkets, including 1x Flamingo Feather and 1x Bone Dice. There’s also a window and a door in this area that can both be unbarred to gain access outside.

Head out the unbarred door and balance over the beam. Knock out the guard below and head up the stairs just behind him to return to the door with the key we just earned.

Unlock the door and grab 1x Shipping Ledger. There’s also a chest holding 19x Dirham, and a whole bunch of pots holding more trinkets, including 3x Peacock Feathers and 3x Dirham.


Return to Dervis

Head out the door and return to Dervis up the path we just walked. As you head inside the door, you’ll find Dervis talking to someone called Roshan, voiced by the ever-brilliant Shohreh Aghdashloo.

She’ll snub your attempts to join her, and Nehal will also berate you for acting like a beggar. The crux of the issue here stems from a black chest, something that little Jasib outside will kindly divulge more information about.

The Black Chest is located at the Winter Palace, so Nehal decides to jump in and keep an eye on Basim during his foolhardy plan to make sure he doesn’t get himself killed.


Follow Nehal (again)

After agreeing to go, follow Nehal along the linear path. Eventually, you’ll reach the Winter Palace. There are numerous guards outside, so follow Nehal up onto the rooftops to scout a better position. Before we do anything else, it’s time to wait for nightfall.


Infiltrate the palace

It’s now time for the big operation to break into the palace. Nehal will claim that she knows a way in and go on ahead, while there’s also the option of looking for another entrance ourselves.

Following Nehal is the preferable option here, albeit slightly longer in time. This will involve sneaking through the gardens in the plants but a relatively safe option all the same. If you choose to go it alone, you’ll need to head all the way round to the northern wall of the palace, avoiding guards, sticking to the plants and timing your runs to avoid detection.

You can also head inside the palace via the rooftops, or even leave Nehal mid-route to knock out various guards, collect trinkets from different pots and chests and generally explore the vicinity. The enemies are quite spread out, although there are a few routes that see enemies overlap and a couple of interior palace areas that could cause some problems. However, Creed veterans will certainly be in their element here.

Both paths will eventually converge to a locked door so for the purpose of this walkthrough, we’ll follow Nehal down there.

Naturally, the door is locked… because of course it is. Just like before, we need to find the guard that holds the key. In order to do that,  use your Eagle Vision and you’ll notice the guard is just in the courtyard behind us. There are, unfortunately, also other guards patrolling the area too.

A good idea here is to use your whistling to attract the palace guard’s attention while waiting in the flowers crouched down. However, if you’re quick, you can catch him on his route round the garden just as he turns to the left and up; knock him out while in the flowers.

Stay crouched and eventually head back to the door with the key.

The Black Chest will be guarded by the Caliph, Al-Mutawakkil. After an unnerving incident involving a bunch of masked figures in a cutscene, we’ll be back in charge of Basim again.


Steal the chest’s contents

Follow Nehal around the linear passage, staying crouched as you do. The pots on the right will hold 2x Dirham, 1x Flamingo Feather and 1x Peacock Feather. On the left, will be some healing items. 


Return to the hideout

Basim will eventually open the chest and grab hold of the strange trinket inside, which eventually paves way for a chase. With the Caliphe dead, hold L3 to sprint forwards.

When you reach a few guards sprinting up the path, go left and zipline down. Next, head up the path to the right and over the rooftops (pictured above).

From here, we can actually stay on the rooftops most of the way and avoid all the guards. If any spot you, just keep going. It’s quite easy to lose them in the chaos if you stick to the roofs and the various ropes and beams sticking out help to connect Anbar together so you can parkour your way back to the hideout.

When you get there, interact with the door and watch the cutscene. In the chaos of it all, Basim is still in possession of the strange trinket from the Black Chest. Roshan will be there to greet you as well when you awaken, and with guards patrolling outside, we don’t have much choice but to leave.


Warn Dervis and the others

When you gain control of Basim again, we’ll now be in familiar territory from the hideout. Guards are hunting you and know your face so you’ll need to get to the rooftops and traverse across from there. There’s a spot just to the right of where the two guards are talking that will allow you easy access to the rooftops.

It is worth noting that even if you are spotted on the way, if you reach the marker then it’ll still trigger the shocking cutscene that follows. Nehal will show up while Basim is grieving and blame her for the deaths of Dervis and the others. He’ll also hope to never see her again. So of course he’ll probably bump into her later in the game.

After the cutscene, head toward the docks. The best way of doing this, and avoiding the bulk of the guards on patrol, is to head toward the docks on the route earlier in the chapter. From the hideout, go north and then turn to the left and proceed round.

Hug the wall along this watery route, and when it opens up into a larger port area, there are various little boats and posts we can jump over. There are very few soldiers up this route but you can always use your Eagle Vision to stay out their line of sight.

As you reach the marker, another cutscene will begin, bringing the chapter to a close.


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