Anonymously Yours (2021) Ending Explained – Do Alex and Vale get together in the end?

Anonymously Yours Plot Synopsis

Anonymously Yours begins simply enough with an accidental text message. Alex messages Vale, who happens to be a fellow student at his school. What are the odds, eh? Well, sometimes these things are just fate and the two soon start a budding digital friendship. They share lots of secrets with one another but despite their closeness, neither bother to send a single picture or voice message to each other.

Things soon escalate when Alex and Vale actually grow closer at school. Thrown into detention together, they begin sharing projects, which eventually blossoms into a budding friendship – and more.

Why doesn’t Alex meet Vale?

After messaging back and forth, Alex and Vale decide to meet their anonymous phone dates. With Alex and Vale growing real feelings for one another, guilt toward their respective phone buddies continues to grow. So they decide to meet for real.

On the day of the meet, Alex leaves home and shows up at the diner. After telling one another what clothes they’re wearing (a red beret for her and a holed sweater for him), both are buzzing with nervous energy.

When Alex shows up, he finds Vale waiting for him. He sees her red beret and immediately believes she’s been pranking him all this time. Off the back of this, Alex begins ghosting Vale as “Anonymous” and becomes indifferent to her in real life too. He thinks that she’s broken their trust and played with his heart.

Do Alex and Vale get together in the end?

The time arrives for the high school prom and Alex decides to meet Vale. After fixing up his WiFi connection (which was blinking out thanks to her Mum’s old TV), he listens to Vale’s voice note as Anonymous, opening up and confessing her feelings to Alex. Of course, up until this point she has had no idea that Anonymous is actually Alex.

At prom, everything is revealed and the pair share a kiss, dancing together. It’s a happy ending all round.

How does Anonymously Yours end?

As the film comes to a close, we cut across to a few scenes that appear to be post-high school. Vale is giving instructions on a production set, hinting that she’s pursued her film studies after all and become a success.

Meanwhile, Alex is out working in a remote desert. He texts her, writing “Hey, Anonymous one” as it appears these two have kept up a long-distance relationship.

The moral of the story here is to always communicate clearly… and also not to message random numbers without receiving a picture too. We all know the dangers of catfishing and this film unintentionally becomes a cautionary tale about seeing what’s in front of you – rather than in front of a phone screen.



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