Am I Actually The Strongest? – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

I Need To Find An Attendant…!

Episode 6 of Am I Actually The Strongest? begins with Haruto looking for an attendant to accompany him to school in the royal capital. He attempts to find an attendant without informing Flay and Charlotte, which proves difficult given that Flay questions him about it.

Despite his best efforts, Haruto is unable to find a suitable candidate to serve as an attendant. Soon after, Haruto learns of a blue dragon that has been roaming the town’s outskirts. Haruto’s father expresses concern about the dragon getting into their territory and killing the inhabitants.

Charlotte, on the other hand, feels sorry for the dragon and requests that Flay help it given that it could be lonely. Haruto, as usual, takes Charlotte’s concerns seriously and sets out with Flay to find the blue dragon. When Haruto and Flay run into the dragon, it gets anxious and begins to attack in order to protect itself. This upsets Flay, but Haruto recognizes the dragon’s motivations.

After calming down, the dragon proceeds to inform Haruto and Flay of its situation. Haruto and Flay are then extremely kind to the dragon. The dragon then questions Flay about why she is obeying a human-like Haruto. Flay then informs the dragon that her master is a demon reincarnated. After hearing the story, the dragon swears loyalty to Haruto as well.

Soon after, Haruto assists in transforming the dragon into a girl. Flay is envious of the dragon who has taken her place. Following this, Flay explains her role in Haruto’s life. Haruto, on the other hand, takes off with the dragon, leaving Flay behind.

The Episode Review

The episode centers on two main themes. Haruto searches for a caretaker to accompany him to school in the royal capital. During the latter part of the show, Haruto makes a dragon companion. It’s a possibility that Haruto might recruit the dragon to be his personal servant.

The anime’s main character is depicted as a formidable force. But since he has no known weaknesses, he is guaranteed to succeed. This weakens the show’s overall quality, making it a merely average watch for the most part.

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