Am I Actually The Strongest? – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Strongest In The World

Episode 5 of Am I Actually The Strongest? begins with Queen Gizelotte disciplining her subjects for failing to murder Charlotte for the third time. The subjects then inform her about the Black Knight and how he is an obstacle. Soon, Haruto appears in his Black Knight outfit. He and Queen Gizelotte fight it out with their powers and while she is a formidable foe, he triumphs over her.

Haruto places a metal chain around Queen Gizelotte’s neck after defeating her and forbids her from attacking his family. He warns her that if she tries to remove the chain herself, she will lose her head. He assures her that if he believes she is not plotting against his family, he will remove the chain.

There is a time leap of five years. Haruto, Charlotte, and Flay are seen building snow castles. After a while, Heart and his wife appear and Haruto asks if Queen Gizelotte has plotted against Charlotte. Heart goes on to tell him that she hasn’t made a move in five years. Haruto realises that he can finally begin living as a recluse now that Queen Gizelotte has stopped plotting against his family.

Heart goes on to tell him that he needs to go to school because the King himself has gotten him into an elite school. Haruto is upset, but he agrees to go. However, he assigns his duplicate self to attend school in his place and get himself out of school by proving to be of no use. Haruto’s duplicate self initially is against it. However, after some persuasion, he agrees on the condition that Haruto protects him with his barrier magic.

The Episode Review

The episode features the anime’s finest and most difficult fight. The battle between Queen Gizelotte and Haruto is thrilling and entertaining. However, the same cannot be said for the plot. The action fails to engage viewers because it lacks an intriguing protagonist, a compelling motive, and genuine tension.

The show’s protagonist is portrayed as extremely powerful. But since he lacks an Achilles’ heel, you know he’ll win no matter what. This factor detracts from the show’s suspense and excitement, making it only a passable watch at best.

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