A Man in Full – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 kicks off with Roger delivering the tough news to Charlie that he’s pretty much on his own in this mess, as the number of people willing to help is dwindling with every call made. Roger plans to meet Harry Zale again and wants Charlie to be there this time so Charlie doesn’t get steamrolled by Zale’s banking jargon.

Roger assures Charlie that he’ll have his back, but he needs to handle Conrad’s arraignment first. Meanwhile, Raymond finds out that Charlie has requested another meeting with Zale, who is confident he’ll once again embarrass Charlie. Harry asks Raymond if he thinks he can take on Charlie, and Raymond confidently alleges, Why not?

It’s clear that Harry isn’t concerned about getting the bank’s money back, and just wants to prove he’s superior to Charlie.

In the meeting, Charlie agrees to pay 180 million within 60 days, but Harry shoots it down, calling it unfeasible. Roger jumps in and argues that if the bank decides to foreclose, they’ll face even bigger problems. The bank would have to list the 800 million owed as a loss, which is currently counted as an “asset.”

Plus, they’d be held accountable for breaching the lender-borrower contract. However, Harry is unfazed and tells Charlie that his days as a wealthy man are numbered. Stroock suggests selling assets, but since that will take time, he advises Charlie to find a white knight. In this context, a white knight is a potential investor who could lend Charlie a billion dollars and save his skin. Charlie can only think of one name: Herb Richman.

Roger accompanies Jill to court for Conrad’s hearing, but they hit a road bump when the judge, who happens to be a racist, sets bail at a million-dollar bond. On the other front, Raymond attends a deposition with Sirija, a woman he had a one-night stand with. It’s clear Sirija is trying to squeeze money out of Raymond. Raymond takes her to dinner and agrees to pay her half a million dollars and after some back and forth, Sirija agrees.

Charlie invites Herb to his 25,000-acre quail plantation in a bid to get him to invest in Croker Industries. Charlie also invites his son, Wally to paint himself as a family man. To impress Herb and show he’s not afraid of death, Charlie picks up a venomous rattlesnake with his bare hands.

The Episode Review

No matter what Harry thinks, Charlie Croker’s not out of tricks yet. He’s got a plan to sway Herb Richman into investing a billion in his company.

Charlie’s ready to pull out all the stops for that cash, as shown when he casually picks up a rattlesnake, showing he’s not scared of anything.

The camera zoomed in on Herb, and it looks like he’s impressed and might just be the kind of guy who’s easily persuaded. But how do you convince someone to hand over a billion dollars? Tune in next time to see how Charlie works his magic!

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