All Rise – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

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All Rise returns with another interesting episode, digging deeper into Lola’s mentor Judge Benner while we find out more about Emily’s past. The drama continues to deliver a good balance between the characters’ development and intriguing legal cases as we head ever-nearer to the finale.

It’s Valentine’s Day in the court house and after receiving a gift from her husband, episode 15 of All Rise sees Lola head to see Judge Benner, who introduces her to David Sanders, a strategist in her campaign. They ask for her help regarding Benner’s past to see if the opposition could find anything to use against her, while we see Mark and Amy flirting by the food cart outside. She tells him she is taking on a pro-bono case where she has to defend Barney Budge, accused of stealing insurance money from a disabled man.

Meanwhile, Emily speaks to her client Laura, accused of breaking and entering into her ex-boyfriend’s place to get her expensive vinyls back. After discussing the case, she heads to the court room and is surprised when a flash mob starts around her, organised by Luke for Valentine’s Day. After giving her a fish as a gift, he leaves to start his new job as a clerk in the DA’s office. First on the agenda, he has to help Mark with witness preparation in the insurance fraud case. The victim is Paul and we see that even after Budge gave the money back, Paul’s sister is adamant that he gets the maximum sentence.

Emily’s trial starts and Walter, the ex boyfriend, is on the stand. Emily tries to prove that because Laura was still on the lease, she was allowed to come into the flat. During the recess, Laura arrives to see Emily as he just sent naked pictures of her to all her colleagues at work. She heads to the DA’s office and requests a plea deal to Berger after what she just found out.

Paul is on the stand next and discusses the different jobs Barney did for him, including helping him fill out insurance papers. Amy brings out an email where they both seem very friendly with each other which annoys Mark as Luke didn’t do his research properly.

Lola meets with Emily and Burger to discuss the latest case and she accepts their plea offered. Emily then reveals she’s been fired because of the pictures, but also reveals that it wasn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened given Walter was abusive.

Determined to help her client, Emily seeks help from Lola and tries to find a way to prosecute her ex-boyfriend for the pictures. Lola helps her find a solution but asks first how she’s dealing with it because of what happened with Joe.

Mark decides to organise a meeting with both the defendants and accused in the room. We learn that Paul and Barney were friends and were helping each other out. Paul finally admits what he did so the charges are dropped and Mark promises he will do his best to make sure he doesn’t lose his benefits.

Lola speaks to Laski about a case Benner was involved with. Benner had previously defended an indifferent corporation involved in mistreating their employees exposed to harmful chemicals. While this isn’t actually illegal, we find out that she may have hidden some evidence for them.

Lola and Mark meet on the stairs to discuss judge Benner and him dating Amy, while Emily visits Laura at work. She speaks to her about her ex-husband and the abuse she had to endure, prompting Laura to ask her to come with her to the police, ready to deal with what Walter did.

After a date, Amy visits Mark. He asks her if she wants to give them a go and she agrees to it while Luke talks to Emily. She explains that big romantic gestures remind her of her ex-husband, prompting them to spend a nice moment together as they now understand each other better. The episode ends with Lola telling Benner that her research is going fine for now. She opens her husband’s gift and laughs before ringing and leaving a voicemail on Attorney Frost’s phone.

All Rise gives us another interesting episode this week as Lola slowly uncovers some dark truths about her mentor. If this proves to be true, things will become difficult for her and she will have a big decision to make, which may result in Benner becoming her enemy.

Emily also had quite the difficult case to deal with, one that hit very close to home. It was quite heartbreaking to see her relive her past but seeing her use what she had to go through to help Laura, was quite a nice touch. With the finale up next, it will be interesting to see if the season ends with a cliffhanger. In the meantime, All Rise offers another decent episode that should see you come back for its conclusion.

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