All In My Family – Netflix Short Documentary Review


A Wave Of Change

The world is changing all the time. Given the progress the LGBT movement has had across the globe, more and more people are embracing their own feelings and sexuality. Of course, while more countries in the West begin to embrace this unconventional set-up of families with two Dads or Mums, back in China this tradition-based country is not quite as open about things. Across 40 minutes, documentarian Hao Wu delivers a heartfelt, fly-on-the-wall account of his Chinese family grappling with his Son’s sexuality and coming to terms with what this means for their ideals and traditions.

Narrated by Hao Wu himself, we dive into this man’s background, upbringing and desire to branch out away from the conventional, chaotic Chinese family set-up so prevalent in this beautiful country. With deeply traditional parents and relatives back in China, Hao Wu branched out, building a life for himself in America, complete with a same sex partner and children. Upon returning to China to visit his family, Hao Wu struggles with the reality of breaking the news to his family and gauging quite how they’ll react to this bombshell announcement.

Predictably, things don’t go to plan although the initial disdain toward Hao Wu soon turns to acceptance, with one final shot at the end featuring a family portrait helping to solidify the message about embracing change and being comfortable with who you are. It’s a beautiful message too and something that really echoes the attitude and values that we all should adopt, embracing every diverse group of people on this planet and accepting them all as kindred spirits.

Of course, there are deeper themes running throughout the documentary too. Ideas around sexuality, culture, morals and familial ties all weave through the film’s run-time but the heartfelt honesty of this documentary helps to keep these from overpowering the narrative. It’s simply a beautiful little documentary, one that showcases the changing attitudes toward families across the world that slowly but surely is becoming more widely accepted. I, for one, embrace this cultural change with open arms. Let’s hope the rest of the world follows suit too!


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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  1. Excellent review, capturing the spirit of this beautiful and moving film. Fortunately most of his family back in China eventually accepted Hao Wu, his spouse, and his children. Many gay Chinese men are not as fortunate. Being disowned or thrown out of the family home for being gay is not that unusual.

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