Alice – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Book Of Prophecy

The Time Assassin

Episode 7 of Alice begins with the assassin drugging Tae-Yi and leaving her passed out on the floor. He phones his contact and advises that they’re ready.

Thankfully, Jin-Gyeom shows up and stops the man in his tracks. He’s been sent back in time to try and kill Tae-Yi in a bid to save the future.

Jin-Gyeom saves the day and takes Tae-Yi to the hospital. She’s still recovering from the incident and her hands are shaking.

Some time later, Tae-Yi is taken into the police station and asked about Seo-Jin. Unfortunately, she’s still too traumatized to answer his questions so he tries playing some music to calm her down.

Looking For Clues

The only evidence the police have to go on is the cell-phone left at the crime scene. As we cut back and see from the past, his Mother happened to have a strange number in her phone too. She messaged “You brought this upon yourself” as the only text sent to this number.

Elsewhere, the detectives arrive at the crime scene and start looking for clues. Hyeon-Seok shows up and realizes that this is Tae-Yi’s apartment. As he starts scrambling for answers, he asks where Jin-Gyeom is. Eventually he catches up with the detective and the two exchange what little details they have to go on.

While Jin-Gyeom takes Tae-Yi home, Da-Hoon works her magic with Dong-Ho and manages to find out that the victim was Tae-Yi. As she does, Tae-Yi comments how she believes the assassin was a time traveler.

She goes on to mention one of Einstein’s theories and it jogs Jin-Gyeom’s memory. This immediately gets him to ask whether she knows who Park Sun-Young is. It turns out she doesn’t.


Back in 2010, Tae-Yi arrives before Professor Seok and asks him about time travel. Specifically, she hands over the Book Of Prophecy and shows him some of the pages. Those include a scientist trying to stop the door from opening. As Tae-Yi mentions negative energy, he looks at her hesitantly.

Only, that’s not all. Tae-Yi shows Seok her younger self and encourages him to continue looking into the research. No matter what, she needs to be researching time travel to make sure the timeline is intact.


Jin-Gyeom phones Professor Seok and tells him about the book. Only, as the lights start flickering it’s obvious that he’s not alone. Lo and behold, the assassin arrives before him.

When Jin-Gyeom arrives at the scene, we learn that the assassin is actually a man called Hae-Min (thanks to a brief cutaway to Alice HQ) and Seok has been abducted.

After a bad dream, Tae-Yi phones Jin-Gyeom and asks to meet. Only, it turns out he’s actually right outside her house. They head inside and look over the writing on the wall to try and make sense of what it means.

While they do, Da-Hoon shows up and discusses parts of the case with him. Tae-Yi overhears and jumps in too. Eventually Jin-Gyeom manages to calm Tae-Yi down by acting out an emoji.

Not long after Jin-Gyeom gets back on the case and looks into an unregistered cell phone. This brings both Tae-Yi and Jin-Gyeom to Hope Orphanage.

Hope Orphanage

It turns out Tae-Yi was there several days prior with a book. Jin-Gyeom believes the man that showed up not long after was an accomplice.

On the back of this, Jin-Gyeom requests to meet Min-Hyuk in person. He mentions how he met Tae-Yi in the park to warn her. As she mentions people trying to kill her, Min-Hyuk loses his cool composure. It’s here she realizes that he’s closer to her but not in this time period.

When she leaves, Jin-Gyeom heads in and speaks to Min-Hyuk. He reveals that the assassin is an illegal time traveler. The red spots all over his body is a sign of infection and the telling sign that they’re not from our time period.

As we cut across to Seok and Hae-Min, the later looks over the details in the Book Of Prophecy and plunges a knife in the wall where Tae-Yi’s face is.

An Alice operative arrives and saves Min-Hyuk from the prison cell. The officers look on dumbfounded as they find his cell empty and without a trace. It turns out Min-Hyuk hasn’t actually gone home, he’s stayed there to watch over Tae-Yi.

Don’t Trust The Old Man

Jin-Gyeom races back to the University when he realizes a man he passed earlier is the time assassin in disguise. With red spots on his hand, Tae-Yi watches in horror as Hae-Min solves the equation up on her wall. Removing his ear-piece, he suddenly turns younger.

Min-Hyuk of all people arrives and saves Tae-Yi’s life. Jin-Gyeom follows soon after but both Hae-Min and Min-Hyuk disappear from view.

Back at the station, Jin-Gyeom receives a group photo from 1992 of Hope Orphanage. There, he sees the young Tae-Yi which matches files he currently holds.

As the pair head out together, it turns out Tae-Yi and Jin-Gyeom met as kids too. During the final scenes of the episode, it becomes clear now that these two met as kids with Tae-Yi recognizing her younger self at the carnival.

The Episode Review

As the episode closes out, it looks like we’re gearing up for this bizarre romance between a Mother and Son from different time periods. It’s certainly something that takes a page out of Dark’s book. Unfortunately Alice doesn’t have the complexity or intrigue that Netflix’s series has in abundance.

After a frantic and epic start, Alice has started to fizzle out a little into mediocrity. While the show is still good, the problem with a 16 episode series means some of the plotting is start to drag on a bit.

The idea of rogue time travel agents is good but also something that contradicts some of the earlier material with Alice. If Alice are this all-knowing future organization how could they not know about these men and women? Even more questionable is quite how they don’t know Jin-Gyeom is Tae-Yi’s son.

Still, the end of the episode leaves the door wide open and it looks like romance is on the table in the future. Could Jin-Gyeom be Jin-Gyeom’s own Father? It certainly looks that way right now.


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