Alice – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Rogue Assassins

Linking The Cases Together

Episode 6 of Alice begins with Jin-Gyeom sitting with Lee Sang-He in prison. As we cut back to 2010 we see Tae-Yi in prison asking who his teacher is. It turns out she was trying to find out because of her son. That son, of course, being Jin-Gyeom.

On the back of this conversation, he heads into the police station and starts digging up old case files. Within those he finds pictures dating back to 1992 of Min-Hyuk. As he shows Dong-Ho what he’s found, the duo contemplate what connection all of this has together.

Alice start keeping tabs on Jin-Gyeom to figure out his next move. Jin-Gyeom himself though meets Tae-Yi and buys her a whole bag of pastries.

Dirac Sea

On the back of this, she discusses the Dirac Sea equation. Specifically how the time card can exert energy moving in the opposite direction to what’s intended by opening a wormhole.

It turns out Tae-Yi (this younger version) met Professor Yoon on the fateful day of the blood moon and offered her a job. He seems to be connected to all of this and Jin-Gyeom knows it.

He heads to a church and speaks to the Professor about his findings. He doesn’t give anything away but does ask him to look into a case about Schrodinger’s Cat for answers.

Schrodinger’s Cat

For now, Jin-Gyeom continues to investigate, with evidence linked to the Se-Hoon case. His ankle was severely injured but seemed to be fine a few days later.

This brings him to the detective from that time who confirms Se-Hoon was the oddest case he’s ever dealt with during his time on duty. The man had no prints in the system and leaves big question marks over what’s going on.

Alice receive a warning from one of the time cards. This one happens to be linked to the university. As Min-Hyuk tells them to man the drones, he marches directly past Da-Hoon.

Collecting The Time Card

However, she recognises him from the earlier pictures Jin-Gyeom had. She immediately phones him and reveals what she’s seen.

When Min-Hyuk bursts in to the university with a gun, he immediately recognises Tae-Yi and finds himself unable to fire. He makes quick work of Jin-Gyeom but refuses to budge given Min-Hyuk has the time card.

Cheol-Am turns up soon after and turns the tables back in Alice’s favour. As the Alice operatives leave with the time card, Jin-Gyeom comforts Tae-Yi.

Afraid to be alone, he heads back to her house and the duo eat together. While they do, Jin-Gyeom comments how Min-Hyuk seemed to know who she is. She, of course, doesn’t recognise him. It’s far too early in the timeline for that.

The Time Card Copy

As the evening draws to a close, Jin-Gyeom heads home leaving Tae-Yi to talk to her friend. It turns out she made a duplicate of the time card program within the computer so all hope is not lost.

Only, Alice are clever and cotton on to the fact Tae-Yi made a copy. Min-Hyuk volunteers his services to head over and check out what’s really going on. He wants to talk to Tae-Yi and see what she has to say.

Eventually he heads back over and asks outright if she copied the time card program. Min-Hyuk tells her to delete it and warns the girl against getting involved with Jin-Gyeom.

At the same time, Da-Hoon bemoans her luck and believes that Jin-Gyeom is cheating on her with Tae-Yi. This is made worse by her sending information about Schrodinger and him replying with “Thanks Ms Kim.” Woops!

Arresting Min-Hyuk

As Min-Hyuk walks away, he wanders right into the path of Dong-Ho who stands smiling, waiting for him. Eventually Jin-Gyeom manages to overpower Min-Hyuk after a decent fist fight.

He brings the Alice operative to the police station for questioning. However they don’t find any fingerprint matches or evidence linking him to this time period. It’s here Tae-Yi admits to Jin-Gyeom that she made a copy of the time card.

Given she left it with one of her friends, she tries ringing through but fails to get an answer. When Jin-Gyeom spies the phone, he notices the background for that is of a cat. Uh oh. The Professor was right.

The Rogue Assassin

Jin-Gyeom realizes as much and races up to Seo-Jin’s house. Only, she’s not the only one as an assassin has arrived first. Unfortunately the girl shows up dead in a box.

When Tae-Yi arrives, Jin-Gyeom refuses to let her take a look. As we soon find out, the assassin isn’t actually working with Alice.

Jin-Gyeom heads back to speak with Min-Hyuk about the string of deaths they’ve uncovered. People are jumping back and killing their younger selves which, as we know, is linked with Alice.

Although he doesn’t get answers from Min-Hyuk, he does get them from Professor Yoon. The Professor has been trying in vain to prevent a string of deaths from occurring.

A Grim Sign Of Things To Come

The man responsible for Seo-Jin’s murder is going to kill another 4 suspects too. Right now though it’s unknown when he’ll strike again.

After a stressful day, Jin-Gyeom drives Tae-Yi home and bids her goodbyes. Only, she notices something very wrong with her house. Creeping inside, she spots the door ajar and strange scribbles all over her walls. On top of that, the assassin from before happens to be standing right in front of her.

As a scream pierces the air and Jin-Gyeom turns in shock, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

What is Alice’s main goal here? It’s something that’s definitely gripped the better half of this episode and remains a mystery throughout.

On top of that, it seems we have rogue assassins operating outside Alice’s knowledge. This certainly complicates matters. All of this points to the implosion of time travel itself – just as prophesied.

The love triangle (ish) angle between Da-Hoon, Jin-Gyeom and Tae-Yi offers just enough comedy to offset the rest of the drama which certainly leans heavily into sci-fi too.

For now, this balance is well executed but whether that will continue throughout remains to be seen.

The fist fight between Jin-Gyeom and Min-Hyuk is definitely the highlight of the episode though but I’m still not convinced Min-Hyuk is the father to Tae-Yi’s baby.

The way he specifically warns Tae-Yi against getting involved with Jin-Gyeom seems to hint at something big on the horizon.

For now though the show leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next. One thing’s for sure – if you’re a fan of sci-fi, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

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