Alan Wake 2 Guide: “Return 6: Scratch” Walkthrough

Alan Wake 2 Guide: Scratch

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Get The Power Back On

Scratch (Boss Fight)


We are rapidly approaching the final act of Alan Wake II’s story, and Scratch is, predictably, where the proverbial sh*t hits the fan. From the police station entrance, head to the left and you’ll find Agent Estevez in a rough way, behind the storage room. 

While she’s talking, it’s a good idea to head into the next room (with the large wooden table in the middle) and loot the drawers. There’s also a Taken in the room over too, so be careful!

Once the enemy is defeated, return to Estevez and give her the all-clear. There’s a good deal of dialogue to get through, where Estevez will mention that Bright Falls is the site of a recurring Altered World Event, and for their own protection, they’ve locked up the cultists and Alan Wake in the holding cells.


Get The Power Back On

However, in order to get in there we’re going to need to get the power back. Estevez will hand you over 1x Sheriff’s Station Keys when you’re done talking, allowing us to push further into the station.

Head back up the station to the right and use the Sheriff’s Station Keys to open the door. Up on the wall to the left you’ll find a Pump-Action Shotgun. The code to open the padlock is 723. Be sure to loot the rest of the room too before leaving.

Next, head back toward the basement where we originally faced Nightingale all those chapters ago. 

Use the Sheriff’s Station Keys to open this door too and descend the stairs. Check the room with the blue door on the right (pictured below) and use the Boltcutters to unlock the next door inside.

Here, you’ll find another Cult Supply Box, with the code 146 to open. Now, if you’re been following the guide, this final Cult Supply box will have some goodies, along with 1x Lighthouse Key which opens the Lighthouse in Watery for some bonus loot.

Before leaving this room, be sure to open the black filing cabinets behind the door for more bullets and a Trauma Pad.

Leave the room but before turning left and heading to our destination, take this chance to head straight forward, past the dead sheriff and into the Break Room. Rest up, shift your gear around and then proceed forward.

As you head into this next room, you’ll hear gunshots coming from the room over. Before you head in, make sure to loot the lockers.

Now, push forward into the next room, loot the shelves and you’ll hear Casey telling you not to fire. He’s behind some cabinets and in a rough way.

Exhaust the dialogue with him and he’ll hand over 1x Fuse. With this in your inventory, head just to the right of Casey’s location and add the Fuse into the Fusebox.


Give The Clicker To Wake

When you go to leave the basement, a whole bunch of Taken will show up and attack. In the room over, there is a light you can use if you’re low on health but there shouldn’t be too many problems with the guys here. Especially if you have the shotgun from upstairs.

Use your flashlight on each of the orbs blocking the way and return to the main atrium of the station. Before going into the cell-block, go back and speak to Officer Estevez.

After, go into the cell-block, which will now be open. Speak to Alan and tell him “I Have The Clicker”. This will trigger a cutscene, leading straight into a boss fight.



Boss Fight – Scratch

Compared to some of the other fights in the game, Scratch isn’t too difficult and the strategy here isn’t dissimilar to how we faced Thornton and Mulligan.

There will be numerous red generators dotted across the arena, along with bright lights too. The idea is to lure Scratch in front of the lights and then pummel him with headshots until he’s incapacitated for a few seconds. At this point, approach the generators and hold X to charge them until they turn green. There are four of these in total.

It’s a pretty simple fight, and a good idea is to zig-zag across the arena rather than working in circles like the Cynthia fight. This way, Scratch will almost certainly end up in front of one of the lights, and you’ll be able to attack.

The Hunting Rifle isa good option here, given the power, and if you can pause and get a few headshots in, Scratch will go down a lot faster. If he gets close, switch to the shotgun.

The shotgun is particularly effective here, given the short-range, but don’t use the Crossbow. Although it’s powerful, it’s not a good tool for this fight given how long it takes to reload. Soon, Scratch will eventually be defeated once you’ve turned all the generators on.

With Scratch defeated but blinking out, now’s a good time to return to Watery before we do anything else. There’s a very easy achievement we can gain by heading into Suomi Hall.

Remember al those posters and placards about the new Mayor? Well, he’s sitting right there on the stage, and he’s such a good boy!

Press X to interact with Mayor Setter and then head into the Break Room to switch reality back to Alan. We’re now at the point of no return for Saga’s story.

Although Return 7 doesn’t officially start until we accept Estevez’s offer and get midway through the next area, it makes sense to stop things here and switch over to Alan before we continue on.

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