AJ And The Queen – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Pit Stop

Episode 5 of AJ And The Queen begins with Ruby having a poor performance. Unfortunately, things get worse when AJ asks just who Diana Ross is. This is by far the best joke of the series so far, and it’s followed up by AJ sitting with Robert as they discuss Diana Ross and why she’s important. This conversation inevitably turns to Bob Mackie as AJ asks whether there are any inspiring men he knows. As it turns out, en-route to Tennessee they have a detour to the Bob Mackie museum.

As they make it to the town, Robert winds up at the museum which happens to be a house, and after some haggling manage to make it inside where Robert sees the Diana Ross dresses. Lloyd rushes off to fix them up some iced tea while AJ looks outside and sees a mother and daughter bonding, bringing her back to the horrible day she was evicted.

While Louis finds out more information about Briana, back in the town AJ heads off to hustle up some money and scam people until she’s caught. Robert confronts the Mother who brings AJ back and berates her over the way she’s spoken to AJ. As she leaves, Robert and AJ take a time-out from one another.

While AJ sits in the RV looking at the pieces of her previous life she’s brought with her for the trip, inside the house Lloyd and Robert start getting closer and sing together.

Having failed to feel anything during the performance, AJ and Robert eventually make up and she presents him with a new dress he stole from Lloyd’s house. He thanks AJ but unfortunately as Lloyd bangs on the RV window, he’s forced to hand it over. After some words of wisdom surrounding their situation, AJ and Robert hit the road again where we leave the episode.

As far as filler episodes go, AJ And The Queen’s midway point signifies one of the more obvious examples of this. While there’s some nice jokes and Robert’s performance inside the house is a good one, there just isn’t a whole lot else here to get excited about. You could easily skip this entire episode and not miss very much if I’m honest, despite the best joke of the series being placed at the beginning

It’s another example of a show being dragged out beyond its reasonable scope but thankfully this is the only obvious example of this filler in the entire season and from here on out it’s pretty smooth sailing. The singing and dancing is enough to keep you watching though but there just isn’t a whole lot else that memorable with this one.

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