AJ And The Queen – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Episode 6 of AJ And The Queen begins with Damien and Lady Danger tracking Robert to Little Rock on the road. Damien refuses to run him off the road though and as our duo make it to the RV Park, AJ continues to flash back to the past with memories of her past, where we learn her name is Amber Jasmine.

While Lady Danger and Damien return to their apartment, Robert and AJ sit together and discuss their next spot to visit, which happens to be Diamond Park. Only, it’s more like a picnic spot than an actual park.

Back at the RV, Robert ignores Louis’ advice and instead looks at a file on his computer labelled Robert and Hector. As he opens it, he sees a file labelled “5 year plan” and it prompts him to flash back to the past. Wallowing in self pity, Robert is snapped out of this by the trio of girls outside who he agrees to help direct for their upcoming show.

While they rehearse, Lady Danger and Damien arrive at the RV park and watch from afar, as they plant a rattlesnake in Robert’s RV and plot to kill him. Thankfully, one of the cowboys manage to blast the snake and after eating some mac’n’cheese with them, Robert heads off to find AJ. She happens to be digging in the park to find a diamond to give to her Grandfather but Robert tells her not to bother – she’s the real diamond.

The performance gets underway but the neighbour’s son, Brick, winds up getting involved and dresses himself in a lavish dress. His Father however, is none too happy, prompting Robert to head over and speak to him about Brick. Their performance finally goes forward and with Brick embracing his own sexuality, and Robert singing with AJ, the performance is a big success.

Just before they hit the road the next day, AJ finds a GPS tracker under the RV and places it on a different one while the duo slip away, as Damien and Lady Danger track the wrong RV where the episode ends.

Although AJ And The Queen continues its episodic road-trip, this time around there’s a really nice message at the core around embracing your own feelings and being comfortable in your own skin. It’s a really nice central message here and the Grease performance at the end is a lovely touch too.

With Damien and Lady Danger sinking into that Wile E. Coyote role of trying to thwart Robert, there’s an almost comical feel to their antics but thankfully it doesn’t overpower the core message here. As we reach the business end of the season, there’s plenty of scope for this one to progress from here.


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