A Girl and an Astronaut – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Stagnating Emotion

Episode 3 of A Girl and an Astronaut starts in 2052 with Marta speeding away from Bogdan, ignoring her husband’s pleas that Niko still being alive doesn’t change anything. For Marta though, it most certainly does. She leaves Bogdan and heads off to meet her old friend, Karolina.

Bogdan continues to work his crane-job but he struggles to control himself when his blood pressure rises considerably. This could well be linked to Niko or just be stress in general, as he sees his heart rate decrease drastically. As for Marta, she shows at the museum to see Oliwia, pointing out that she loved Niko which was very different from her love for Bogdan. Right now though, she’s confused over what she wants.

In 2022, Karoline excitedly chirps about her relationship and believes it’ll go the distance. Marta though is wrapped up in her own romantic feelings. She confronts Bogdan at the circus, believing that he’s the one who abused Karolina while they had sex but that’s not true. There’s a definite sparkle between them, which Marta leans into and decides to flirt with him,. The pair spend time at the funfair, playing different games together. He eventually drives her home, as the attention turns to SkyCom.

The big decision is made and to the surprise of absolutely nobody, Niko and Bogdan are both chosen to be part of this project to fly into space. The pair continue their alpha male fight for dominance but do congratulate one another for making it this far.

Bogdan and Marta end up hanging on the airbase together, linking hands and listening to the radio. This certainly ain’t no Armageddon though; Bogdan tells her he could be heading into space but their close ties rattles Niko, who’s off the ball for the latest flight. This time it’s Bogdan who comes out on top.

Not long after, Marta ends up getting a job which she’s super happy about. When Niko finds out, he decides they should celebrate in his room.

This final scene in 2022 directly coincides with our timeline in 2052, as Nadia brings Marta to her SkyCom base to discuss Niko and what’s been happening. She demands to see Niko, and eventually she allows Nadia to get her biohazard suit on and seeing him while he’s in his capsule, wandering through decontamination first. Good thing she doesn’t have epilepsy with those flashing lights!

Marta becomes rattled and attempts to get through to her lover, whose eyes flicker open and closed, seemingly roused by her arrival. Just before he awakens, Marta is taken away.

The Episode Review

A Girl and an Astronaut isn’t getting any better. In fact, the drama itself has pretty much stagnated now into an indifferent, mediocre crawl. The issue itself comes from this love triangle between Bogdan, Niko and Marta. The fact that she’s playing both of the men like a fiddle does nothing to help her as a character, while Bogdan and Niko have very little to their personas.

Niko is the typical arrogant and hot-headed individual while Bogdan is more methodical and quiet. That’s it, that’s all there is to their characters.

Even the drama in 2052 isn’t all that exciting, given it mostly takes place inside dimly lit interiors and doesn’t have the benefit of Niko being awake to play off the earlier romantic drama. Hopefully if Niko wakes up it can spring this drama to life but I fear it’ll be too little too late by that point.

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