A Girl and an Astronaut – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of A Girl and an Astronaut starts in 2022 with Niko lying next to Marta and admitting that he’s starting to fall in love with her. This scene paves way for the drama in 2052, as Bogdan rings through to Marta for an update. She reveals that Niko is in a coma and she’s sticking around to see how he gets on and whether he’ll wake up.

Sticking with 2022 for now, Marta tries to break things off with Bogdan, telling him he deserves someone better. Marta is forthright about her dating Niko but it doesn’t seem to deter Bogdan too much, as he admits he cares about her deeply and will seemingly still try to win her over.

In 2052, Nadia keeps an eye on her visitor, unaware that Bogdan has been taken to hospital with heart issues. He tells Oliwia not to mention anything to Marta though. However, there are bigger problems to deal with. Nadia’s jurisdiction here is not the highest authority. Sergey usurps the entire operation from her, pointing out that Nadia’s grandfather has done great work but they’ll be taking it from here. Sergey has made an exclusive deal for an enormous sum of money with the Russians.

Marta’s priority here though is Niko, and she manages to convince Nadia to let her head in and see him. The capsule is opened and she touches him. As this occurs, we jump back to 2022 one more time as we see Niko at a party cheating on Marta and kissing another woman. Naturally, this happens to to be the catalyst that drives Bogdan and Marta together, with Bogdan admitting at the club that he’s not into “simple music” like Niko. That’s not strictly true, as we know Niko is in love with her, but clearly has a problem with commitment.

With Niko close to the time he heads up into space, he visits Marta and decides they should always be together, promising to be there for her when he returns from his mission. For now though, Niko gives her his motorcycle and lets her ride him to the airbase. The pair kiss before eventually parting ways.

At Skycom, little Nadia is there watching them as Sergey – the CEO of the company – steps up and greets them to “his world”. While the pilots get settled in for their new life, Sergey goes for dinner with Professor Andrey Davidov and Rewicz, where they discuss this mission in more detail. Specifically the details around the stem cells and his plans to try and cure cancer by using this sub-hibernation experiment.

Back in 2052, Niko stirs from his slumber when he sees Marta in a crowd of people. He opens his eyes and regains consciousness. Marta learns of this just as Bogdan rings and encourages her to head back to Poland.

The Episode Review

I’m struggling to see the appeal of Marta, Bogdan or Niko. All three are deeply flawed characters and while that would ordinarily be cause for celebration, given they’re not Mary or Gary Stu cutouts, the way these guys are written here, and the way they interact with one another, leaves a lot to be desired.

The most damning assessment comes from the way Marta is playing both these boys off each other. I genuinely can’t tell who she’s really interested in, if either of them! That’s a real problem, especially as we’re supposed to really feel the impact of Niko waking up in the present. It’s taken nearly 4 episodes for the drama needle to move a notch but hopefully now we’ll get some intriguing plot developments to follow.

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