Again My Life – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Cheonha Group Passes To Hee-A

Episode 11 of Again My Life stats with Cheonha about to start a new era. Tae-Seob is flexing his proverbial muscles as Chairman Kim’s grip on the company starts to slip. The groundwork has already been laid, with the news reporting on Chairman Kim in hospital. Kim bemoans Tae-Seob coming at him with a knife and tells him he has a knife of his own. He’s not going down without a fight.

That news of Kim’s critical illness reaches Hui-Woo, who’s concerned about this different development compared to his own history. Things only get worse when Yoon-Ah is “taken care of”. The entertainment star, after speaking up about the corruption and abuse, is killed but the event is made out to look like a suicide.

Chairman Kim does eventually drop to his knees before Tae-Seob and pleads that he let his son, Seong-Jun, be removed from his political circle. This is his last wish but Tae-Seob refuses. When he does, Kim plays his trump card – which happens to be audio evidence of Tae-Seob’s corruption.

This stems all the way back to 1993 where he told Kim to join hands with him otherwise he’ll be sent to prison for 7 years for corruption at the company. With Tae-Seob’s blackmail, Kim intends to take the powerful official down if he doesn’t set Kim’s family right.

Seong-Jun is let go from custody and returned, while Kim transfers all his assets across to Hee-A, giving the company to her. The fate of Cheonha is now in her hands. Unfortunately, Tae-Seob strikes and kills the Chairman. Hui-Wu shows up to pay his respects, promising to help Hee-A out in the future to keep the company from Tae-Seob’s grubby hands.

That may come sooner rather than later, especially as Tae-Seob takes advantage of the situation and buys up more shares. At the same time, Hui-Wu decides with his team that they should go after Seok-Hoon given how things are escalating.

Hui-Wu speaks to Gyu-Ri and reports the facts to her, including the media storm Tae-Seob has whipped up. He’s only reporting on the men in Cheonha group, and nowhere does it mention Hee-A whom the company has actually passed to.

With the investigation into Kim’s death called off and prosecutors becomes angsty in the wake of all this, Hui-Wu decides to throw the bait across to Seok-Hoon. His plan includes going after Bando bank for embezzlement. Seok-Hoon refuses though, claiming it’s too risky to go after banks.

Hui-Wu visits Hee-A not long after, telling her she needs to cut her political ties. If she can do that, then it could protect Cheonha’s group – and its legacy. It’ll be tough to do without that sort of influence but Hui-Wu’s latest article – courtesy of Gyu-Ri – certainly helps. It frames her in a favourable light and she sets to work putting Cheonha back on track.

Thanks to Hui-Wu and Hee-A’s work, Seok-Hoon becomes annoyed at the investigation being called off on Cheonha. As a result, he takes the bait and allows Hui-Wu to investigate Bando Bank after all, but telling him to do so in secret. He’s going to use Seok-Hoon to fact check the slush fund Tae-Seob has, under the pretence of working under Seok-Hoon’s order. That way he’ll avoid suspicion and also use this as a secret card to use in his war against Tae-Seob.

Hui-Wu shows up to see the Assemblyman off the back of Seok-Hoon’s investigation. As he shows up at the office, he promises Tae-Seob that he’s going to take down Seok-Hoon.

The Episode Review

Things continue to escalate this week on Again My Life. This time the attention turns to taking down Seok-Hoon after Cheonha group has been torn apart. Thankfully, Hee-A is still in charge and managing to keep everything together, but it’s clear this is a risky play and could backfire on Hui-Wu completely.

However, the battle lines have been drawn now and as we enter the business end of this season, the attention turns to Seok-Hoon and, I’d assume, Tae-Seob after.

It’s all to play for but will Hui-Wu come out of this unscathed? We’ll have to wait and see!

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