9-1-1 – Season 6 Episode 4 “Animal Instincts ” Recap & Review

Animal Instincts

Episode 4 of 9-1-1 Season 6 starts with a tree falling on a curious bird watcher. The 118 are called in to save him. Henrietta is still the interim Captain and she immediately leads the team on the successful rescue.

Buck is trying out a new thing in his latest self-reflection journey. He is currently reading a book “The Age of Absolutely,” and it has inspired him to say yes to things. He is going to open himself up to all the possibilities, including reconnecting with an old roommate and his wife for dinner.

The dinner goes smoothly until his old friend shares that he and his wife have been having fertility problems. They ask Buck if he would be willing to be their sperm donor. I wonder if Buck will “say yes to this possibility”

The next day, Connor visits Buck and apologizes for blindsiding Buck during dinner. Connor confides in Buck that the fertility issue has been taking a toll on him. Buck wants to know why Connor chose him. Connor says he chose him because he knows Buck is a good person and he has seen how he treats people around him.

Buck is unable to make a decision and visits Hen to help him. Hen advises him to think about what donating his sperm will mean. It is not only about changing his friend’s life but can he live without being a part of his kid’s life? In the end, Buck agrees to be their sperm donor.

Meanwhile, Eddie learns that his son Christopher has been skipping Science club. Eddie doesn’t understand why Christopher would lie to him. Chimney and Hen think Christopher is growing up and he probably wants to hang out with his friends without his dad.

He calls his dad who advises him to let Christopher breathe a little and let him grow. He asks Eddie to give Christopher some independence so the young boy can see his father trusts him. He talks with Christopher and asks him to obey the rules and once he is done with his punishment, Eddie will try to let him hang out with his friends alone.

Bobby returns from Florida without Athena who stayed back to help her parents for at least one more week. He checks in with Hen and tells her that Karen called him and he wants to know how Hen is handling failing her exams. He gives her time off to recharge and figures things out. She, however, has a problem staying home alone as it is too quiet.

118 receive another call to attend a car accident after a drunk driver hit a cyclist. Chimney gets in the car to treat him and the driver wakes up and starts driving away from the scene. Buck takes the bicycle and tries to follow, leaving everyone wondering what he is doing. Buck never ceases to amaze and amuse us, this scene was so funny.

On the other hand, Chimney tries to convince the drunk driver to stop driving. Buck manages to drive the bicycle through a shortcut and catch up to the driver forcing him to stop. I probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did watching this scene! In the end, Buck saves the day on a bicycle.

Maddie gets a 9-1-1 call from a young girl whose mom is a victim of domestic battery. Her mom is in trouble after the dad found them. Maddie worries if the mom will make it but the police arrive in time to save the child and rush the mom to the hospital. Maddie visits the victim at the hospital and offers her help.

The Episode Review

Buck being asked to donate his sperm gave him a lot to think about. I didn’t expect him to agree to be their sperm donor but it is the year of yes according to Buck so let us see how this unfolds. 

Maddie has been through a lot and I was moved that she decided to help the lady and her daughter get a better life away from their abuser. 

Hen needed this time off to refocus and think about what she is going to do. I’m glad she decided to ask for a second chance to be a doctor. I hope she will ace the test next week.

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Next Episode

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