9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 5 “Home Invasion” Recap & Review

Home Invasion

Episode  5 of season 6 of 911 starts with a woman making a call to 9-1-1 as she is scared that someone is in her house. Fortunately, the intruder in question turns out to be a hungry raccoon looking for a meal.

Meanwhile, Maddie and Chimney have finally hired a nanny, Magda and at first, she is delightful and they are happy to have some time to themselves. They still have the anxiety of trusting a stranger with their child so Maddie sewed a GPS tracker into her daughter’s stuffed animal. Isn’t that a tad bit much?

As it turns out, the danger was not Magda kidnapping their child but her being nosy and overbearing. This makes it hard for Maddie and Chimney to relax at home lest they interfere with Magda’s system. This becomes too much for Maddie who has to hide in her bathroom to escape Magda so she fires her.

Another 9-1-1 call is made from the house of the woman who called about a home invasion the previous night. Maddie answers the call and fears for the worst when the person on the other end is shot but luckily the response team is able to make it to him on time.

Athena and Detective Rick find it odd that the house has been invaded twice within 12 hours. They do more digging and discover other houses that have recently been robbed using the same M.O but no one has been hurt. The police fear that the robbers are escalating and that makes them more dangerous.

Ricky and Athena continue investigating and realize that all the houses robbed had called 9-1-1 a few days before . They visit the 9-1-1 offices and Maddie is happy to give them a record of those calls. That is until she discovers that someone logged in using her ID to access the records and share the information with the robbers.

The culprit turns out to be Noah, this was obvious as no one else would do this and he is the new guy. In a previous episode, we saw Maddie training him and he clearly saw her ID pin. Noah agrees to talk to the police and tell them everything he knows about the robbers.

The information he gives leads to a successful arrest. Noah turning out to be a criminal was kind of a bummer, he had so much potential. Maddie trusted him and he was just using her. No wonder, Maddie has a hard time trusting new people.

Meanwhile, Henrietta is preparing to retake her practical exams and Karen is on a mission to help her make time for studying. The practical exams go well and her professor is impressed by how Hen manages to diagnose the patient. With Hen acing her practical medical exam, she will have to choose between 118 and medical school.

Athena and Bobby hold a celebratory barbecue for Hen and by the looks of it, Hen is leaning toward choosing medical school. However, everyone is supportive and proud of her, they just hope they will still see her around.

Later,118 are called in to save a man who had an accident while insulating his sister’s house. They are forced to break apart the roof of her house to get to her brother. Her brother survives but it will cost her a pretty penny to renovate her roof. Lucky for her, Buck and Eddie are willing to lend her a hand.

The episode ends with a fire breaking out at the lab where Karen works.

The Episode Review

I felt for Maddie when she realized Noah was using her ID, risking her livelihood  to commit a crime. I also understand why she fired Magda, her home is her haven but she had to be on her toes and that is no way to live in your own home.

It is not clear what will be next for Hen but so far it looks like she will still be a part of the show. It is a bittersweet moment because we saw her work so hard to get here but it is also hard to say goodbye to her as part of the 118. I hope Karen safely makes it out of that fire , they have been through a lot, when do they get their happy ending?

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Next Episode

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