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Secret Identities and Xianxia Dramas

Xianxia dramas like Till The End Of The Moon are a favourite among all the Chinese sub-genres as we get a fantasy world where gods and demons exist with the characters going on adventures and using magic to resolve conflict. This is seen in Till The End Of The Moon when Li Susu decides to travel back in time to defeat the demon god, Tantai Jin when he was mortal.

However, she finds herself stuck in his wife’s body and starts doubting her plan of action when she sees that Tantai is a weak and bullied prince being held hostage by her kingdom. So, if you are looking for more such xianxia dramas full of romance and misadventures, you’ve come to the right place.

Well without further wait, here are 10 TV shows with a similar premise to watch if you liked Till The End Of The Moon.

love between fairy and devil

Love Between Fairy and Devil

Similarities – Transmigration, enemies to lovers, cold antihero, bubbly female lead

With the same aesthetic of ancient China, Till The End Of The Moon and Love Between Fairy and Devil have a similar vibe but with different plot twists that make them an entertaining watch. While we again have a demon king and an optimistic female cultivator trying to stop him, their confrontation is quite strange.

When Xiao Lanhua is resurrected as a lowly fairy, she not only accidentally frees her enemy, she ends up swapping bodies with him. As they go through obstacles to revert back to their original bodies, she ends up linking them so now if she is hurt, the demon king is injured and if she dies, so does he.

The Starry Love

Similarities – Mistaken identity, romance, revenge

Just like Li Susu and Ye Xiwu are vastly different despite being in the same body, twins Qing Kui and Ye Tan could very well not even be considered siblings. Qing Kui is the darling of the heavens, a princess and is set to marry the deity, Shao Dian You Qin.

As for Ye Tan, she is thought of as bad luck, the black sheep of her family and decides to marry the demon king to use evil and destroy those who hate her. But as fate would have it, on the day of their weddings, they are sent to the wrong venues and end up marrying the wrong men.

the untamed

The Untamed

Similarities – Secret identity, revenge, misunderstood antihero

Quite like Tantai Jin, the whole world believes Wei Wuxian who was an obnoxious and bratty kid has turned evil. Due to a misunderstanding, he is challenged and he calmly accepts his fate which leads to his death. But several years later, he is suddenly resurrected by a vengeful cultivator to enact revenge upon his enemies. However, the spell goes wrong and Wei Wuxian has no clue why he is brought back to life while dodging old colleagues who all hate him.

love and redemption

Love and Redemption

Similarities – Misunderstood antihero, adventure, secret identity, romance

After the great war shook all the realms, the demon general is defeated and turned into a mortal. As for the one who defeated him, the God of War also suddenly disappears one day without a clue. Meanwhile, the Shaoyang Sect leader’s daughter, Chu Xuanji is born without her sixth sense which affects her cultivation and she befriends the mysterious young disciple Yu Sifeng of Lize Palace.

After an unfortunate incident where they part ways, the pair are reunited again years later and set out on adventures together, unbeknownst to them that they share a dangerous past.

immortal samsara

Immortal Samsara

Similarities – Adventure, bubbly female lead, misunderstood hero, forbidden romance

Yan Dan, a powerful cultivator and one-half of the Lotus Twins falls for Lord Ying Yuan who saves them from the Demon Clan. Unfortunately, their timing couldn’t be worse as a war breaks out and he is fatally injured and blinded. With an almost impossible cure, he shuts everyone out and disappears.

But despite the obstacles, she finds him and takes care of him. However, when he returns to the immortal realm, he pretends not to know what she did for him which confuses her regarding his hot and cold behaviour.

Word of Honor

Word of Honor

Similarities – Secret identity, revenge, misunderstood antihero

Zhou Zishu, a former assassin, decides to atone for his sins by cursing himself to a slow death and spending his last days drinking and being homeless. However, he is caught in the middle of a massacre and ends up saving Zhang Chengling, the last of the Jing Hu Sect. As he begrudgingly agrees to accompany the kid to safety, he cannot seem to shake off the overly energetic and helpful Wen Kexing who has a dangerous secret.

Eternal Love

Similarities – Secret identity, second chances, romance

When the mischievous Bai Qian joins the Kunlun Sect as the male student Si Yin, she keeps causing trouble, getting kidnapped multiple times and being rescued by her frustrated mentor, Mo Yuan. But when the Ghost Lord tries to destroy the world, Mo Yuan sacrifices his body to seal him.

To make sure his sacrifice isn’t futile, she guards the Kunlun Mountain to make sure the Ghost Lord doesn’t escape. But to get powerful enough for this task, she goes through a trial that makes her a mortal and erases her memory. In the mortal realm, she accidentally clashes with Ye Hua and as they bond she cannot help but find him familiar.

the legends

The Legends

Similarities – Revenge, transmigration, enemies to lovers

As Lu Zhao Yao is betrayed and killed by her own peers, she believes that the coup was led by her friend Li Chen Lan as he happens to be the son of a demon king. A few years later, Zhao Yao’s spirit struggles hard and successfully possesses Qin Zhi Yan, a disciple of Chen Lan’s sect.

But as she tries to figure out a way to kill him, she starts falling for him. In the meantime, Jiang Wu who is planning to overthrow Chen Lan and has a crush on Zhi Yan starts getting jealous of their closeness.

Love Better Than Immortality

Love Better Than Immortality

Similarities – Antihero, time travelling, romance

In a futuristic setting where immortality is easily achievable for everyone, Chun Hua is tired of her life in which she lives all alone. In an effort to find love, she takes part in a project where she has to give up her immortality in exchange for some romance. She ends up in a wuxia setting and the first person to see is the love of her life. While it should be the first person she sees aka Xiao Bai, she cannot help but forget the cold and ruthless Qiu Yue.

The Blue Whisper

The Blue Whisper

Similarities – Misunderstood lead, enemies to lovers

Ever wondered why Tantai Jin initially fell under the influence of the demon spirit? Well, we get a similar twist but this time with the female lead being controlled in The Blue Whisper. Ji Yunhe is a powerful cultivator who has the power to control and tame any supernatural being she wants.

However, she hates this power of hers as her idealistic dreams to save the world are crushed, only to be controlled by a cruel princess, Shunde. When Shunde catches sight of Changyi, a merman who happens upon her territory she orders Ji Yunhe to control him. While Yunhe pities him, she must choose between saving his life or getting her freedom by fulfilling the princess’ demands.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Till The End Of The Moon.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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