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Zero – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of Zero begins with more glimmers of the past as we learn Omar has had these powers since he was a child. Hiding out in his Mother’s car, he witnessed her being taken away by the authorities.

Back in the present, Omar confronts his Father about his powers. Unfortunately, he receives a slap to the face for his troubles. Omar is not happy and struggles to control his rage. This is only made worse by the fact he disappeared after making love to Anna that night. This is, of course, a continuation of the powers we saw manifesting last episode.

As we cut across to the studio, Shariff faces Sara’s rage as the place has been completely trashed. The gang have returned with a vengeance. When she leaves, Omar catches up with Shariff. With nowhere else to turn, Shariff allows him to crash at his place for the time being.

While there, they begin discussing what’s happened in the neighbourhood. Specifically, Omar deliberates over what Dietmar told him about Fidel Castro. Could this be a clue to finding those responsible?

Well, Zero heads off and does some recon work, watching Rico and his girlfriend together at their place. When he leaves the house, he heads out the room and finds himself face to face with a child called Adelita. Omar controls his powers long enough to evade detection. In doing so though, he also finds the statue head in the bath. Now it’s clear Rico was the vandal. However, it seems like he was being paid by a higher authority.

As Omar and the gang return the statue head, they deliberate over who could be pulling the strings. Well, judging by the recent billboards in the area, it seems to point straight toward the real estate agency, Sirenetta. With rent going up and the authorities getting involved, it all seems to be connected.

As the episode closes out, Rico confronts Shariff and takes his money.

The Episode Review

Zero returns and slows the pace down this time, delivering a more character-driven dose of drama. The editing does make it a little confusing at times, with time jumps that unnecessarily cause you to play catch up for a few minutes. While that’s not necessarily a deal breaker, it still would have been nice to see the connecting threads in this series.

Given the short run-time of each episode, I’m not quite sure why we couldn’t have seen the gang trashing Sara’s studio or Zero hurrying away from Anna, both of which would have added some drama to the mix.

Instead, Zero delivers an espionage mission with Omar sneaking about and figuring out Rico and Sirenetta are behind the incidents in town.

The ending does leave the door open for the second half though, with lots of questions still left unanswered.

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