Your Place or Mine (2023) Ending Explained – What happens to Debbie and Jack?

Your Place or Mine Plot Synopsis

Your Place or Mine is the latest American Rom-com from Netflix that features Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. After being friends for 20 years, Debbie and Peter agree to swap homes to allow Debbie a chance to pursue a degree in New York for a week.

This eventful week leads them to realize some deeply hidden secrets about each other. It also forces them to come to terms with their feelings for each other.

What happens between Theo and Debbie?

Theo spends the night with Debbie and is hoping for something more. He gets her an interview with Macmillan so she can consider moving to New York. Unfortunately, Debbie realizes she is in love with Peter and lets him know there is no chance for them.

Do Peter and Debbie figure their feelings out?

After spending the night together, Peter was initially about to reveal his feelings to Debbie but she told him that she was pregnant. Since then he has been carrying these feelings for 20 years thinking she was the one who got away. Luckily, Alicia talks some sense into him and encourages him to tell Debbi his feelings.

He gets in a fight with Debbie and is about to leave when she confronts him with the memorabilia he had stashed in his house.  Of course, Peter can no longer deny the deep feelings coursing through his veins. He admits he is overwhelmingly in love with her and kisses her in the middle of the airport.

They admit that they can no longer only be friends, they should be more. Peter decides to move in with Debbie and Jack in L. A and focus on being a writer and a husband.

Does Peter venture into a writing career?

Debbie found Peter’s book manuscript hidden in his oven. She was shocked that he kept it from her and decides to give Theo the manuscript after reading it. Theo is enamoured by the story and is willing to publish the book. Six months later, Peter is a published author.

What happens to Debbie’s career?

Before leaving for New York, Debbie was a single mom working hard to provide a good life for her son. They had a set routine and most of her life revolved around her son, Jack.

The week apart did them a lot of good and she met Theo and got a chance to become an editor. She ends up becoming an editor at an indie publisher.

What happens to Debbie and Jack?

Jack was tired of living his life afraid to try new things. His mom, Debbie, has always been scared to let him try out new stuff because he is allergic to so many things. She is overprotective and Jack finds a chance to explore new things in that one week that Peter took care of him.

He tries out for ice hockey and makes the team. (Debbie was so angry when he got hurt at the practice, Peter had conveniently forgotten to tell her about this). In the end, it all works out. Jack realizes that he doesn’t want to live the rest of his life in fear. He also makes new friends and he is happy that Peter is officially part of the family. According to him, the three of them make a good team.

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