Years Down – December State Of Mind | Album Review

Track Listing

You’re Not Even Pop Pump
Shades Of Grey
I’ll Shout You Out In My Suicide Note
Big Sad
In Defense Of The Delete Key
Fading Faster
Maxwell House Coffee Theme Song (Intense Bold)


This independent act shows sheer gusto when it matters, though at times they subside into messy situations. Years Down is a band with much to say as they swear and cringe at the world, and their crippling anxieties spike through, making them shake and sputter. By being able song-writers, they have the talent to cut away from the mundanity; the ingenuity to perform their songs in front of copious people who feel the way they do.

The songs are infectious and down-right negative, though this doesn’t make the album less interesting. In fact, one could argue that it makes it even more relevant and heartfelt. Breaking the norm is what the band wants to do and they do not want to be a bog standard pop punk cliché as they crave to be on the right route.

Emotion sinks in too, and the band is saddened by the world and its alterations. On this album, December State Of Mind, they feature their stories as anecdotes of regret, tales spilling all and more. 7 songs make up this record, and ‘Shades Of Grey’ is definitely worth a mention. It’s a masterful pop punk song, securing Years Down’s relevance. That guitar riff properly installs a groove which is different and the lyrics convey heartbreak.

‘In Defense Of The Delete Key’ starts off loudly until it all cools down for a minute. The chorus will remind many of the pop punk days gone by, and the lyrics draw on sickness and pain.

‘Fading Faster’ begins with sheer angst, bringing in a fast-paced chorus and raucous slant. The band is in their element here and Years Down are a true pop punk act that serve up concepts that are unique, something we need more of in this scene.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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