Women At War – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Women at War starts with Louis following Suzanne toward the church. In the meantime, Suzanne is planning on leaving with Yves as she might not have another opportunity to leave Saint Paulin. The French army are in the process of halting rail travel to prevent the German soldiers from getting in.

Fortunately, because outsiders are not permitted within the church, Louis cannot carry on his investigation. Louis must also have a legitimate search warrant in order to conduct a lawful search.

To assist the injured, Mother Agnes (along with the other nuns) work with the military officers. She observes how some among them are severely traumatized as a consequence of the war. The soldiers are unable to recognize themselves and are suffering severe psychological trauma.

Marguerite’s backpack contained a hidden map that the brothel owner, Marcel’s sister, discovered while going through Marguerite’s possessions. Additionally, since Marguerite frequently leaves the whorehouse and returns fairly late, she has doubts about her underlying motives.

The officials continue to refuse to assist Caroline in obtaining the factory workers’ exemption documents. She is informed that Dewitt’s pleas had never been granted.

Moreover, Dewitt’s brother Charles also shows up at her home to assist her with the exemption paperwork because he is aware that somehow the Ministry of War had indeed granted her requests.

The head office, however, don’t have a transcript of their application for some reason. Charles believes that because the Ministry had lost the documents, the employees had no alternative but to engage in combat.

Eleonore, Caroline’s mother-in-law, questions his underlying motives and presses for an explanation for his unexpected visit to Saint Paulin. He dismisses her concerns, though, and requests her to loosen up.

Charles is successful in negotiating a solution with the Ministry and more colony workers will be sent out by them, however, Caroline had to turn the factory into something like a government-run ammunition factory in order to make it possible.

Charles urges Caroline as well as Eleonore to seize this great opportunity. Although they were at a loss for options because the factory had been falling back on bills, Caroline sought to look for an alternative approach.

The following morning, Charles goes to the whorehouse and meets Marcel. He thereafter requests 50,000 Francs from him. Charles had a bad reputation and was expelled from the Ministry for his unlawful behavior.

He presently intends to make up for his setback by switching the company’s truck business to a weaponry business. He could avoid fighting on the front lines by using this strategy. Charles seems to have five days to turn the factory; until then, his life is endangered.

Seeing as the trucks only required some basic modifications, Caroline came up with a plan to contact the wives of her employees about working at the factory. The women, though, had doubts about it and had lost faith in Caroline as well as her family. They were owed money, and Caroline had to give it to them, stating that she’d pay them back when the vehicles were delivered. Fortunately, they agreed after Caroline pleaded with them to assist her.

The following day, Caroline manages to complete the orders for the client and celebrates her victory because all the women had contributed to her reaching her goal. Charles was forced to get in touch with Marcel, who assured him that he would take care of the situation.

Caroline receives a call from the Laveyre firm, who cancel her order and they also refuse to make the payment. Since Caroline opts to continue running the truck company and earlier forbade the switching, Charles and Marcel must have bribed the firm.

More injured soldiers are sent back from the battle to the church. Suzanne joins in after observing Agnes’ state and claims the identity of a nun.

To further investigate the church, Louis had already gone up to an army officer from the headquarters. He’s fortunate not to recognize Suzanne. With her accomplishments, Suzanne is able to manage the condition of several patients because she has been trained for the warlike setting.

The army personnel want some patients who are fully recovered to return to the battlefront lines, but Agnes attempts to persuade them that these patients required more time to focus on their psychological well-being. Sadly, Agnes is turned down by the Ministry. Suzanne decides to stay and assist the wounded soldiers.

Agnes visits the Major because she wants to discuss how to properly bury the deceased. The officer assures Agnes that he would discuss this with the General.

After they have finished discussing the grave, Major starts asking Agnes regarding Suzanne, and she recognizes her right away. Agnes confronts Suzanne without providing him with any information. Suzanne is asked directly by Agnes regarding Lisette’s family, but she lies to her.

Following that, Agnes enters her room and makes a call to Sister Pelagie in Paris to find out more about Jeanne Charrier’s nursing career.

When Marguerite shows up at the army quarters, she searches for a man. The presence of a young officer makes Marguerite very happy. Sadly, some army personnel discover her spying and take her binoculars. They return her to the brothel after giving Marcel a warning to keep Marguerite as well as other prostitutes out of the army quarters.

Marguerite is brought back to her bed by Marcel, who is upset over the entire incident. Inquiring about the hidden map that has been discovered inside her luggage, he demands answers. She has a photograph of the same official in her handbag, and Marcel discovers it, inquiring who he is. Marguerite, however, is unwilling to reveal any details.

The next day when Marcel heads to a military camp to give some officers drugs, he runs into Colin De Régnier, a native of Saint-Cyria. Marcel tends to take Marguerite to see Colin the very next day and tells her that he is her client for the day.

The Episode Review

The episode offers a glimpse into the lives of the principal characters in the show following the rising action (men going to war).

The four women are caught up in a web of roles and responsibilities. These women were left alone to care for their children while working. Additionally, the society was male-dominated so they were required to fight for their rights to assert their rightful position. This conflict in particular has been brilliantly outlined in this episode.

While Marguerite faces this unidentified man, who could be her child, the second episode concludes on a cliffhanger.

The nature of their relationship will be made clear in the upcoming episode, along with Caroline’s next move to protect the factory.

Furthermore, Agnes will likely be required to choose between saving Suzanne and letting her be arrested, given that she has questions about Suzanne’s motives.

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