Willow – COPINGMECHANISM | Album Review

Track Listing

<maybe> it’s my fault
Falling Endlessly
<Coping Mechanism>
hover like a GODDESS
ur a <stranger>
Perfectly Not Close To Me
No Control


Experimental and lyrically unnerving, <COPINGMECHANISM> by Willow is a masterclass in diversity and breaking norms. The music, at points, creates an atmosphere that ripples through, and it’s both insightful and sorrow ridden. This singer/songwriter places all her fight and talent into what she preaches. Every moment of tenderness becomes overridden with painful anecdotes, and Willow describes self-loathing like a disease that keeps growing and augmenting.

This album is for the brave and the disenchanted; the people who try to comb over the patches that appear to be cracking. Lyrically, as mentioned, Willow points to the dark, and tries to abstain from falling into the fog, mist, gloom and void. And it’s a heart-breaking album in terms of its significance and its themes.

A beam of light is needed here; a light to trap the darkness. The thought-provoking poetry that Willow uses could be perceived to be beautiful by the downtrodden, and the people who wish to follow the streetlamps of curiosity to the idyllic surroundings where everything seems untouched and pretty. Though it’s a pipe dream, it’s usually good to think that way.

There are 11 songs in this LP and ‘Falling Endlessly’ is certainly an upbeat track, pleasing the ears musically. Willow sings with authority and range, and the lyrics point to a looming disaster.

‘Split’ by comparison starts off soft and the vocals are world class; the acoustic backdrop increases the tension. At the same time, ‘No Control’ begins with tight percussion, and intricate guitar lines. Willow, again, sings beautifully about things that, well, aren’t beautiful. She’s so astute at writing words which shock and provoke.

Ultimately though, Willow delivers a melancholic and dark record which imprints the mind rapidly, <COPINGMECHANISM> is well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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