Where is Sonny Capone now? | The story of Al Capone’s only child

Sonny Capone

Who is Sonny Capone and what did he do? 

Albert Francis “Sonny” Capone was born on the 4th December, 1918, and he was the son of legendary gangster, Al Capone. He was born with congenital syphilis and needed brain surgery, which left him partially deaf. 

He changed his name in 1966 to Albert Francis Brown to disassociate himself from Al Capone. He claims to have not committed any major crimes, but declassified FBI documents claim he threatened to kill American senator, Edward Kennedy. 

What happened to Sonny Capone during his life? 

According to reports, Sonny lived in Florida for most of his life and worked as an apprentice printer. He also worked as a tire distributor and a restaurant owner. 

On the 7th August, 1965, Capone was arrested by police for a petty crime. A store assistant caught him stealing two bottles of aspirin and some batteries. He got two years of probation but didn’t go on to be charged with anymore crimes for the rest of his life.

He married Diane Ruth Casey in 1941 and had four daughters with her. He got divorced in 1964 and remarried twice. 

Where is Sonny Capone now? 

On the 8th July, 2004, Albert Francis Capone died in the California town of Auburn Lake Trails. He was 85 when he passed away. 

His father has been portrayed in movies and television throughout the years, but his son was never mentioned much until the HBO classic mob series, Boardwalk Empire came out in 2010. Stephen Graham played Al Capone, and it featured a storyline involving his only child, Sonny, who was played by Alexander Eckstein. 

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