Where is Peter Tobin now? | The Story Behind one of Scotland’s Worst Serial Killers

Peter Tobin

What did Peter Tobin do?

Peter Tobin was a Scottish serial killer who murdered his victims between 1991 and 2006. He served 10 years in prison for the rape and indecent assault of two girls in 1993, and when he was released in 2004, he escalated his crimes to murder, like many of these offenders do. 

He murdered Angelika Kluk in 2006, Vicky Hamilton in 2008 and Dinah McNicol in 2009. But he is widely believed to have killed many more, and he even admitted to a psychiatrist that he murdered 48 people. 

What was Peter Tobin convicted of? 

In 2007, Tobin was sentenced to life with a minimum of 21 years for the murder of Angelika Kluk, and the remains of two teenagers were later found at his former home in Kent. The minimum sentence was increased to 30 years for Vicky Hamilton’s murder, and he then later received a whole life order for Dinah McNicol’s murder in 2009. 

Was Peter Tobin Bible John? 

In the 1960s, there was a serial killer on the loose dubbed ”Bible John,” who murdered three women in Glasgow. Patricia Docker, Jemina McDonald and Helen Puttock were the victims, and after Tobin’s arrest for murders in 2007, he was looked into as a suspect in the Bible John murders. But was he really responsible for these murders as well? 

He looked like a good suspect for these crimes until it was discovered he was living in Brighton at the time of two of the murders, effectively ruling him out. DNA tests were later carried out, which confirmed he wasn’t responsible for the murders. The case is still unsolved. 

Where is Peter Tobin now? 

Peter Tobin served his sentence at HM Prison Edinburgh until his death at the age of 76 in 2022. He wasn’t without his health problems during his sentence, and suffered a suspected heart attack in 2012. He was then slashed with a razor blade in his sleep by a fellow prisoner in 2015. Double rapist Sean Moynihan pleaded guilty to the attack and received 32 extra months in prison. In 2016, Tobin suffered a stroke, and in 2019, he was suffering from cancer, which he eventually succumbed to in 2022.

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