Where is Michael Swango now? | The doctor who killed patients and co-workers

Michael Swango

What did Michael Swango do?

Michael Swango is an American serial killer who authorities believe could be responsible for as many as 60 fatal poisonings of patients and colleagues during his time as a physician. However, Swango only confessed to 4 murders

Swango had a certain method to carrying out his murders. When poisoning his co-workers, he used poisons like arsenic, which he would sneak into their food and drinks. However, when poisoning patients, he would usually overdose them on the drug the patient had originally been prescribed. 

What happened at his trial?

Before being tried for the murders, Swango pleaded guilty to defrauding the government in 1998. He was sentenced to just over 3 years in prison while the police tried to prove that Swango was guilty of much more serious crimes.

The authorities used the time wisely to investigate Swango’s other more serious crimes. They exhumed the bodies of 3 of his patients and found poisonous chemicals in them. Swango was indicted in July 2000 and pleaded not guilty. However, on the 6th of September 2000, he pleaded guilty to the 3 murder counts. He was sentenced to 3 consecutive terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

Where is Michael Swango now?

Michael Swango is imprisoned at ADX Florence. He was sent there at his own request after being stabbed by a fellow inmate at another prison, as another attack would be imminent if he was put in the general population. He is 69 years old now. 

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