Where is Dylan Butler now? | The chilling Iowa school shooting

Dylan Butler

What did Dylan Butler do?

Dylan Butler was an American murderer who killed 1 child and injured another 5 people, including his principal, in a school mass shooting in Iowa on the 4th of January 2024. 

Butler was only 17 years old when he carried out the attack at Perry High School where he was a senior. He began shooting on early Thursday morning, killing a sixth-grader who attended the middle school. 

Despite the weapons he was carrying being illegal for a boy of his age to possess, he was somehow able to obtain them and carry out this brutal attack. He was also carrying an explosive device, which was luckily undetonated at the scene preventing the deaths of many others.

What happened after the shooting spree? 

The shooting led to a frantic evacuation of nearly 2000 students on their first day of classes after the winter break. The school’s principal Dan Marburger was rushed to hospital but he survived the brutal shooting. The other 4 people injured were all students.

Prior to the shootings, Butler had posted on TikTok a bizarre video from inside a bathroom at the school that was captioned ‘Now we wait’ with the song ‘Stray Bullet’ playing in the background. 

Where is Dylan Butler now?

Dylan Butler died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound before the first responders arrived at the scene. 

Dylan’s parents spoke out and revealed they saw no signs of the horrible violence their son was about to inflict on the school. It is often forgotten how devastating it must be for the parents of these mass murderers who commit these atrocities, especially when the perpetrator kills themselves. They are also suffering the loss of a child and don’t come out of the situation unscathed. They will also have to live with the guilt of what their child did to others and their families. 

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