Where are Amy and Ross Vilardi now? | The couple accused of a brutal family massacre

Amy and Ross Vilardi

What did Amy and Ross Vilardi do?

Amy and Scott Vilardi are suspected of being responsible for the brutal murders of 4 people on Halloween night in 2015. Cathy Scott, her husband Michael Scott, his mother Barbara, and Scott’s mother, Violet Taylor, are believed to have been murdered by the Scotts’ daughter, Amy Vilardi, and her husband, Ross.

The victims were found shot and killed in their homes in Pendleton, South Carolina on the 2nd of November 2015. Amy Vilardi called the police saying she’d stopped by the house to visit and discovered her family members’ dead bodies. The couple were featured in many emotional television interviews following the murders, but are now considered to be responsible for the crimes.

What is happening with the case now? 

The couple was arrested and charged for the murders in 2023 after the case had initially gone cold. Investigators didn’t reveal a motive in the case and didn’t provide specific details explaining why the couple is now considered suspects.

The couple made their first court appearance in December 2023 and were denied bond.

Where are Amy and Ross Vilardi now?

Amy and Ross Vilardi are currently in jail awaiting their murder trial. Amy is 40 years old and Ross is 36. It is believed Amy may have thought she stood to inherit more than $100,000 from the deaths of her family members, which points to a motive behind the slayings. 

Their next court hearing is scheduled for the 20th of February 2024.

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