What We Do in the Shadows – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review


A Most Unlikely Ingredient

With Guillermo on his scheduled day off courtesy of Nandor, episode 9 of What We Do In The Shadows season 2 begins with our familiar questioning his career choices. Laszlo meanwhile, cuts apples outside but mid-pruning he hears the whispers in the shadows. When a goat materializes before him, he’s whisked away and summoned to a witches ceremony. Only, given the number of times Nadja blames witches for her own misfortune, Nandor has his doubts. When Nandor is summoned too however, the rest of the group grab the car and follow in hot pursuit.

Head Witch Lilith invites the camera crew in to her coven, while Guillermo is taken to a strange room with doors on every wall, cursed and forced to stay here until after the ceremony has finished. Trying in vain to escape, Nandor and Laszlo are captured as the ceremony begins. Only…this ceremony is less than conventional as the witches act to “extract their semen”. Despite Laszlo’s initial excitement, that soon dissipates when the witches decide to use medieval tools to do this deed.

Thanks to Guillermo’s quick thinking, he gets them out of the endless room and things take a positive turn… until Colin Robinson ends up captured while Lilith reveals that Laszlo was tricked in the past into sleeping with anyone with long, black hair…including Nandor.

Just as things look bleak, Guillermo manages to strike a deal with the witches but when they return home, they find the goat has destroyed everything. While Nandor and Laszlo “finish each other off”, Guillermo finds refuge in that goat called Black Peter who wonders whether the witches will ever transform him into a witch in the future or not. It seems vampire and witch familiars have a lot in common.

While the actual drama surrounding the witches revels in its crudeness right the way through, it’s the overarching narrative and progressing storyline surrounding Guillermo that’s ultimately the most interesting part of this episode. This continuing story surrounding Guillermo’s desire to be a vampire and finding frustration at every turn, is partly why this season has worked as well as it has. The witch plot certainly isn’t as strong as some of the other stories we’ve been graced with this year but the continuing world-building is good enough to keep you sticking around for more.

With the finale up next, all eyes now turn to see exactly how Shadows will end its second season and whether we’ll get a resolution to this ongoing saga surrounding Guillermo’s woes.


Published: 07 June 2020 at 11:15 am on TheReviewGeek.com 

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