War Sailor – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

The next ship our characters will sail on, as episode 2 of War Sailor begins, is called MK Falkager. Freddy is initially reluctant but sees the rationale in going back to his family. Just as they are about to leave, they see Hanna and Aksel returning to the ship. This dissuades them from going ahead with their plan, but Kjall decides to do it anyway.

He is able to escape successfully but Freddy is blamed by Mons, who desperately wanted to get out. However, the night passes and the next morning brings peace. That peace is only momentary though.

The new day has brought with it two tragedies that unfold separately on the ship and back in Bergen. While doing their daily chores, Freddy notices Aksel standing outside looking at something in the ocean. When he inspects, he spots a torpedo and desperately tries to warn the others on the ship. Before they can float a raft in the ocean and get off, the torpedo hits them.

In Bergen, Cecilia is collecting garbage from the streets when the air raid siren blares. An impending bombing by the British forces is something no one expected. As Cecilia rushes into town, she learns that the missiles have been dropped at the school where the kids go. She is fearful that something might have happened to them.

William is found safe though and goes with one of Cecelia’s friends to the church, where all the locals are reconvening. A huge pit is formed where the school once stood. She shrieks in fear every time a body is recovered from under the rubble.

After much struggle, she finally sees Maggie coming out with a few others who were safe. As the mother-daughter duo go back, they notice a slew of bodies – all children – lying lifeless in and around the rubble.

Back on the sea, we see that Freddy has made it out alive with a few others. Thankfully, the raft is intact and capable of flowing. But the bad news is that they have suffered heavy casualties. In fact, only four men from the ship are alive at this moment. Freddy, Sigbjorn, the disgraced sailor who was found in Malta, and Aksel are the only ones left. Aksel’s right leg has been amputated.

The German U-Boat that released the torpedo sees their raft and approaches. Although they cannot take the Norwegians onboard, they give them supplies and a doctor tends to Aksal. He is not optimistic about his survival chances. The boat leaves and the small group trudge on with no idea where to go next or if they will survive. They spend all the morphine they got from the Germans on Aksal, who bellows in pain. However, it certainly quietens him down.

Cecilia bathes her children and brings them back into the house. Cecilia is informed that news has broken that Falkager has been sunk. There are no reported survivors. Among the crew were her husband and Sigbjorn.

Cecelia somehow breaks the news to Maggie and William after another air raid threatens to strike at their house. The blow is softened a bit but the mother-daughter duo cannot control the gush of feelings.

We jump a few weeks ahead after this to October 1944. It is the 29th day of the month when a full-fledged air raid wipes out the entire town of Bergen. It seems like Freddy’s entire family has been killed as we see the house blow up into pieces. The men at sea have their own hardships though.

Aksel has succumbed to his wounds and Freddy finally disposes of him into the ocean. The man is the most affected by the events as he thought he had secured his freedom in Malta.

In a crazed rage, he picks up an axe and tries to attack a sick Sigbjorn, calling him “the evil.” Freddy tries to stop him but he starts attacking Freddy as well. Freddy finally gets the better of him and chokes the guy to death. To protect a freezing Sigbjorn, Freddy also takes off the man’s pullover. They are soon found by an arriving boat though. The men are brought to Halifax, Canada and we then jump to 1945.

The men are on the mend and both will be alright. The aftermath has rendered them weak but their spirit is not lost. Freddy also has an incident with a man in the mess hall. He bashes the man’s face in with his steel plate after the man insults the dead. The next day, the two best friends play a game of chess to return to some form of normality. It is here that Freddy is informed by the doctor that news has come from Bergen that Freddy’s entire family has died.

He shows no emotion until he reaches the bathroom, where he turns on the tap and cries inconsolably. That night, he decides to take off on his own and leaves a letter for Sigbjorn, asking him not to come look for him.

The Episode Review

While most of episode 1 was set on the sea, episode 2 brought the tragedy on land to light. The bombing of the school was a heartless, cowardly act, even though it was purported to be a mistake. The true horrors of the war are borne by those who are unwittingly made a part of it. War is a zero-sum game and War Sailor has established that clearly in episode 2.

Joner’s portrayal of Alfred is turning into an award-worthy performance. His deep eyes and beleaguered yet courageous body language go well in tandem with the intangibles he brings to the role. He delivered a humbling final scene capable of bringing tears to anyone’s eyes. Something tells us that the family might well still be alive and this information gap might end up costing the family a lot. Inspired effort from the makers until now.

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