WandaVision – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of WandaVision begins with Wanda using her powers to check out what the loud, ominous noise outside is. Despite Vision’s cowardice, it turns out to just be a branch.

The next day, Wanda and Vision decide to practice their magic tricks without actually using magic. There’s a talent show coming up and Wanda wants them to fit in. She decides now is the perfect opportunity for them to do just that.

Outside the house though, Wanda finds a red toy helicopter nestled in the branches. On the side happens to be the number 57. This may or may not be relevant going forward, we shall see!

Wanda is interrupted by her neighbour Agnes, who shows up and hands over a rabbit for the show later in the day. Agnes admits that Dotty is the Queen Bee of the neighbourhood and Wanda needs to try and fit in. Well, Wanda shows up and tries her best to do just that, ironically ending up completely out of sync with the others. On the bright side though, she does meet a new friend in Jolene so it’s not all bad.

Dotty is immediately suspicious of Wanda though and asks her outright exactly who she is. While they talk, the radio begins stuttering and repeating Wanda’s name until it sparks and eventually blows. When it does, flickers of crimson show up on Dotty’s hand from a cut.

Vision doesn’t fare much better either, treated as an outsider for the members-only group at the library. That is, until he reveals some top secret gossip – including that one of them is a communist. The boys take it as a joke though and eventually offer him some gum. Vision accidentally swallows it which causes him to go completely haywire.

Vision shows up at the talent show acting drunk. Predictably, the show goes completely wrong. Vision tries to use his magic while Wanda does her best to use her own magic to prove this tricks are just an illusion. The last trick sees Jolene appear in the box, gaining rapturous applause from all in attendance.

Backstage, Scarlett Witch uses her powers to free the gum from Vision’s insides and brings him back to his old self. Dotty calls the pair out while they try to slip away, claiming they’re the funniest show they’ve ever witnessed. Because of this, they’re given the illustrious first prize honor of winning the talent show.

Back home, Wanda and Vision breathe a sigh of relief after getting away relatively incident free. However, Scarlett Witch happens to be pregnant. That loud noise from before distracts them though, prompting the pair to head outside and notice the sewer grate moving around.

From below, a beekeeper steps out. Wanda tells him this isn’t happening and they suddenly reverse back in time, complete with a VHS-esque rewind function and relive the last memories again. When Wanda tells Vision she’s pregnant, this time everything suddenly turns into colour as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Wandavision sees the slightly disjointed first episode click into place for its follow-up. Now things are becoming a lotr more interesting, with flickers of colour bleeding through the screen.

Both characters are starting to realize they’re stuck inside a sitcom and stylistically, this one feels a lot tighter than the first. Here, we witness the evolution from black and white to colour, as it appears this episode has jumped forward in time to the early 60’s, typified by the fact this episode appears to be in the middle of the Cold War.

While the first episode felt a little archaic, this second actually peppers in some smartly worked jokes, with Scarlett Witch and Vision using their powers nicely at the talent show.

The ending certainly leaves things wide open too – who is the beekeeper? How is Scarlett Witch controlling time? Are we about to see some colour episodes and a jump forward to explore more colour sitcoms? This evolution of comedy, if handled correctly, could make this one of the more intriguing shows of the year and given what we’ve seen here, it definitely appears that way.

While Wandavision isn’t necessarily funny, I think it’s fair to say it’s not supposed to be. Instead, this suitably weird and surreal acid trip feels like a trip down comedy lane. Roll on the next episode!

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