Virgin River – Season 3 Episode 8 “Life and Death” Recap & Review

Into the Light

Episode 8 of Virgin River season 3 begins with Jack reeling over the reveal about Brady at the bar. Jack is convinced he’s the one who shot him but for now, he’s more focuses on the break-up with Mel.

Heading into the police station, he learns that Mike has broken up with his fiance. He’s also contemplating asking out Brie too. Before that takes place, Brady confronts Mike about his time in Iraq at the bar, as the pair end up trading blows.

Mel’s also reeling over her break-up too, as she hangs with Joey and contemplates whether she should just use Mark’s leftover embryos to have a baby instead. With this in her mind, she heads off to see Dr Benson at the clinic.

Meanwhile, Muriel answers a video call from Hope while she’s with Doc. Hope isn’t exactly thrilled with this, and even more so when Doc refuses to spill what’s happening with Lilly.

Brady meets up with Brie and admits that he did have an argument with Jack but remains adamant that he didn’t shoot anyone. She’s not so sure this is the truth though, and eventually storms off.

Back in town Lizzie confronts Ricky about his lies. As he’s unable to open up and admit the truth about applying for the army, Lizzie feels like she can’t trust him. Eventually she tells Ricky to leave.

That evening, Jack waits at Mel’s cabin, desperate to talk. He admits that he broke things up as he tried to protect her. Jack apologizes for this and pleads with her to take him back… and she does! That was less than an episode, great job writers!

Elsewhere, Lilly heads off to take a nap. Only, when Tara and Doc go back to check on her, they learn that Lilly has passed away.

The Episode Review

Lilly’s passing is the one dramatic moment in an otherwise indifferent episode of soapy contrived drama. Honestly, this show is a complete mixed bag of frustrating story lines.

First up you have Ricky and Lizzie who find themselves thrown into contrived scenarios. The latest now is this army sign-up which feels out of character for Ricky – especially as he hasn’t told anyone.

Meanwhile, Brie and Brady’s fling is given an extra charge with a potential love triangle in Mike while Jack and Mel make up in record time. This emotionally manipulative segment at the end of the previous episode is essentially rendered useless now as we see the pair back together.

Sure, it helps reaffirm their strong bond but it feels completely pointless and a pretty poor way of drumming up superficial drama.

Still, the ending with Lilly is enough to elevate this episode, leaving many question marks over what direction Virgin River is going to take next.

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