Upload – Season 2 Episode 4 “Family Day” Recap & Review

Family Day

Episode 4 of Upload Season 2 starts with Nora, Matteo and Ivan breaking into SUNY School of Biomedicine. This is the place responsible for the cloned bodies used for downloading data and it links back to that earlier report about pigeons in episode 1.

Anyway, the group begin pulling the plug on all the people that are currently in the tanks but it’s clear Nora isn’t sure about the ethics of this.

In Lakeview, the Proto-Tykes start to spread across the digital world. These are essentially digitalized babies that take the genes from both parents to form a sort of hybrid baby. It’s all the trend right now so naturally, Ingrid wants one. Nathan isn’t so sure and convinces her not to.

It’s Family Day in Lakeview and it’s an important time to reconnect with loved ones. However, Nathan spies Nora from afar watching while he’s playing with his family and heads over to say hey. When they start talking, Nathan realizes it genuinely is Nora and not Tinsley.

Nathan wants to talk to her privately about what’s going on but Nora refuses. In fact, she points out she’s seeing someone who’s “really, really cool.” Nathan can tell she’s not that happy but does lavish praise on her new job, calling it a good promotion.

While Nevaeh and Nathan play table tennis, Nathan notices Kannerman wandering around and immediately grows suspicious. He speaks to Nora in private and admits that he believes Kannerman has been compromised by the Ludds.

The thing is, Nora is obviously involved with them and points out to Nathan that they’re not crazy – and Kannerman isn’t one of them. However, she does agree to keep an eye out incase she finds anything untoward.

Matteo breaks into Lakeview as AI Guy and shows off a hyperworm to Nora, which he boasts is going to completely mess up Family Day. Matteo claims she’s the only one who can pull this off and expresses how much he believes in her. Nora eventually does leave the hyperworm on the desk but she doesn’t seem all that happy about it.

The hyperworm causes the AI to go completely haywire all over Horizen as a message comes through “Delete the rich.” While things are bad inside Lakeview, things are even worse in the office.

Everyone frantically tries to stop the worm but it’s Nora who has a change of heart and pulls the plug on her operation. The others are a little concerned, given how fast she’s managed to stop it, but Nora shrugs it off and claims it was just luck. She rejects a call from Matteo and as heads out the door after work, where everyone gives her a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, Ingrid heads back to see Nathan, reflecting on what’s happened. As she does, Nathan thinks twice about the Proto-Tyke idea, with them deciding a baby might not be such a bad idea after all.

The Episode Review

If there ever was a red flag here, it’s 100% bringing a baby into this doomed relationship. I know the whole idea is played off for comedic beats and maybe I’m reading too much into this but it’s clear the pair aren’t compatible and haven’t been for a long time. Bringing a baby into this – even a digital accessory called a Proto-Tyke – isn’t going to change that.

Upload has managed to maintain an air of intrigue around its main conflict, with Nora starting to have second thoughts about working with Matteo after all. This actually works really well in the series, with a decent internal conflict brewing for her.

Upload has been an enjoyable watch but it’s not as clever or intriguing as season 1. Let’s hope the later episodes pick up a bit.

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