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It is finally April, and we are excited to see what this month has in store for BL fans worldwide. We have eight new titles, so it looks like we will be booked and busy.  Among April’s line-up, we already have a few shows we are excited about. This month, we have cute secret crush stories, reincarnation and second chances.  There is something for everyone to enjoy. Without further ado, here are the shows dropping this April!

Love is Like A Cat

Network:  Viki

Premiere date:  April 1st

Guess who is back on our screens! Yes, Mew Suppasit is back, and we can’t wait to see him in this Korean BL. Mew will be playing the role of popular star Piuno, who is currently undergoing an issue in his career. To escape it all, he decides to work at a pet daycare store, even though he dislikes animals. While there, he meets the kind Dae Byeol, who helps him deal with his past trauma with animals. Soon, feelings start to blossom between the two, but can they make it work?

We Are

Network:  GMM 25, iQiyi

Premiere date:  April 3rd

This Thai series follows the stories of a group of friends at university as they struggle to balance friendship, love, and life’s challenges. Of course, once in a while, they fight, but that doesn’t change their love for each other. We are excited to see Pond and Phuwin in this series.

Memory in The Letter

Network:  Channel 9, WeTV

Premiere date: April 6th

Imagine moving into a new dorm and finding a guy stuck in the mirror. If that is not complicated enough, you find a story about you two on a random website. This is exactly what happens to Aksorn. Now, he has to solve the mystery of how all this came to be 

Gray Shelter


Premiere date: April 11th

This Korean BL, which will have only four episodes, tells the story of Cha Soo Hyuk after he reunites with an old acquaintance, Lee Yoon Dae. Yoon Dae is going through some things and has nowhere to go, so the two end up living together.

Living With Him

Network:  Tokyo MX

Premiere date: April 12th

This Japanese BL tells us of the love story between Natsukawa Ryota and Tanaka Kazuhito. These two are childhood friends who reunite at university. Ryota was hoping to finally have time for himself after taking care of his young siblings throughout his life. University was supposed to be his freedom. However, he starts falling for Ryota as they live in the same apartment.

Boys Be Brave

Network:  Viki

Premiere date: April 18th

Having a crush on a friend is not easy, especially if the said friend moves in with you. The stay was supposed to be temporary, and Jung Ki Sub thought he could hide his feelings for Kim Jin Woo. Unfortunately, Jin Woo’s stay becomes permanent, and Ki Sub struggles to hide his feelings for him. 

At 25:00, In Akasaka

Network:  GMM 25, iQiyi

Premiere date:  April 25th

We are getting another Japanese BL this month. At 25:00 in Akasaka follows the story of rookie actor Shirasaki Yuki, who is excited about getting his first role. To make this better, he gets to star in the show with one of the biggest stars, Hayama Asami. As expected, Yuki is nervous, and that’s when Hayama comes up with a plan to help them nail their roles.

Hayama asks Yuki to start a romantic relationship to perfect their chemistry in the show. This fake relationship soon leads to more than the two bargained for.

My Stand In 

Network: iQiyi

Premiere date: April 26th

This is one of the most anticipated BLs of the month. The show is about Joe, a stuntman for a famous actor named Tong. One day, he meets Ming, and they start a relationship. However, Ming only sees Joe as Tong’s replacement. Sadly, a disappointed Joe dies following an accident on a different set. Instead of travelling to the afterlife, Joe wakes up in the body of another man with a similar name.

He decides to return to his previous job and meets Ming again. This time, Ming longs for the old Joe and starts looking into what happened to him.

Which BL are you most looking forward to from this line-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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