Uninvited – I Feel A Bit Weird | Album Review

Track Listing

Gonna Get Better 
Friends With Massacre 
Here’s Looking At You, Kid! 
Portrait Of A Femme 
Survivor’s Guilt 


Pain blooms here so frantically and it permeates this record like a driven nail, but it makes things interesting and sincere. The band which has created the 5 songs on this album display a technical guitar presence and lyrics that portray stories and fables about vengeance, broken love, and unhinged minds. While the act plays with urgency, they still hurt and feel the brunt of despair.  

Uninvited is this band, throwing down the gauntlet, pushing their brand of pop-punk up and up until it touches the echelons of hope, though sometimes everything can feel jaded. This jadedness comes from the way the world works nowadays, how there’s no place to commit to, and not many outlets to confide in.  

The band is a talented outfit, and these 5 songs show adeptness is no issue. ‘Gonna Get Better’ starts with a grungy guitar sequence and the vocal work bridges between pop and rock. Lyrically, we’re taken to a scene where alcohol is the main attraction and a burden.  

‘Portrait Of A Femme’ begins with empowering guitar riffs and the lyrics strike like a missile, exploding words like shrapnel. It’s an intelligent track, rousing in fact, showing the band’s powerful wordplay and arrangements.  

‘Survivor’s Guilt’ is a pop punk song personified. It has tight instrumentals and venomous lyrics which come together smoothly. Age is explored here and how it catches up with you. 

Uninvited battle hurt on this EP but they do not crumble or cascade into the void.  

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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