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Since the inception of cinema, fight scenes have been one of the main ingredients in action flicks. Though most movies feature some sort of conflict, choreographing an epic fight sequence is a tall order. Nevertheless, we have been blessed with tons of incredible fist-fights in movies that promise to never get stale.

We filtered through the libraries of action films to put together our list of unforgettable fight scenes from movies that we adore worldwide. As usual, if you feel we missed one of your favourites, do let us know in the comments below!

Rocky II

The great exhaustion – Rocky II (1979)

This is one of the most intense fight scenes ever produced. Rocky Balboa is up against Apollo Creed who has a reputation for having a steel will. The film features two incredible boxing matches. Rocky loses the first, but the second time he turns the tide. With his formidable endurance, he puts a dent in Creed’s famed armour. In the end, Creed loses due to extreme exhaustion.

Each round of this great fight is so intense that you can feel every blow, takedown, and even exhaustion.

Blood and Bone
Breaking bones – Blood and Bone (2009)

In this movie, Michael Jai White elaborately defines what lightning fast really means. Almost every fight scene in the movie is a treat to watch, but the final one against the mafia boss has a special intensity to it. Some of the moves are so enigmatic, it almost feels as though they came straight from the best video game textbooks.

What’s more, all action happens around a meaningful story – which adds a ton of magic to the overall experience.

Drunken Master
Jackie Chan special – Snake in the Eagle Shadow & Drunken Master (1978)

Jackie Chan is at his best! The fighting sequences in these movies helped slapstick Kung Fu comedy emerge as a genre. The stories are captivating, relatable, and to a great extent motivating.

Seeing Chan prepare himself to take down enemies ten times more experienced and skillful than him is an incomparable cinematic experience.


Taking down dozens in the hallway – Oldboy (2003)

It’s one man vs. dozens. The magic of this scene from Oldboy lies in the fact that despite it being an over the top scene, it has been crafted bizarrely realistically. The scene convinces us a man can take down dozens of armed men single-handedly.

A multitude of awesome moves and realistic choreography, coupled with a dab of attitude, make the hallway fight a scene like no other.

Way of the Dragon

Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris – The Way of the Dragon (1972)

One of the most legendary fight scenes ever shot, Lee vs. Norris continues to inspire one on one fight scenes in movies even today. Lee is formidable as usual, but Norris is nothing less.

Lee has to employ an ideal mix of defence and offence in order to get Norris on the ropes. The contest is sheer emotionless, yet the two manage to put up an example of chemistry that will remain unparalleled.

In the Blood

Club Rumble – In the Blood (2014)

In the Blood features a couple of great fight scenes involving martial artist turned actress, Gina Carano. One of those fiery scenes is the nuisance that takes place in the club. The brawl is rough, brutal, and greatly entertaining. Gina who is enjoying herself in the club gets infuriated by a bunch of hooligans, and she immediately makes them pay the price for spoiling her mood.

The fight doesn’t last very long, but still, it contains everything that action stans look for in a fight scene.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Elevator Fight – Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Breaking bones in small spaces is not for everybody to pull off, but as far as Captain America is concerned it’s nothing more than a small cardio session. After he is cornered in an elevator by a bunch of huge men, Captain America unleashes a barrage of impossible attacks to take the enemies down.

Much to his annoyance, when the elevator door opens, he is greeted by a special force unit pointing guns at him. And, the way he escapes from there is nothing short of miraculous.

Karate Kid
The final contest – Karate Kid (1984)

What makes the final fight of Karate Kid so special is everything from its story, choreography, and execution. A newly trained fighter is up against a much more formidable fighter. However, the fight LaRusso puts up demonstrates what determination and honest practice can result in. The scene features several iconic moves that are copied and parodied even today.

Kill Bill Vol. 1
The Bride vs. The Crazy 88 – Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)

Over the top? Yes. But it’s a delight to watch Uma Thurman take on an army of armed men single-handedly. It’s a pretty long sequence featuring some unforgettable moves and whips. Though sword fights are not easy to choreograph, this one is a job well done. In addition to action, Uma Thurman also impresses with her dialogue delivery during the fight – both in English and Japanese.


Ruckus in the bus – Nobody (2021)

Well, this scene gives off an unusual feel. Despite being greatly bloody and brutal, the lengthy fight continues to err on the verge of hysterical due to some unknown reason. Gun, glass, rods, knives, and whatnot. Almost every kind of weaponry is put to use during the intense scuffle. And, what’s unique about it is that the fight actually began the moment we thought it was over.

Had it gone any longer, the iconic bus would have turned into smoking ashes!

There we have it, the list of our favourite fight scenes. Did we include one of your favourites? We would love to hear your thoughts, so do let us know in the comments below!

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