Under the Bridge – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Under the Bridge kicks off with narration in Reena’s voice revealing that it was Kelly Ellard who ended her life on that fateful night of November 14, 1997. She then takes us back in time, narrating the story of her grandparents’ journey to Canada in 1951. The couple had big dreams for this beautiful land, hoping it would be their ticket to a better life.

To fit in with the locals, they took it upon themselves to learn English, even picking up local proverbs.  Unfortunately, their efforts to assimilate were met with resistance. Neighbors weren’t exactly welcoming, often telling them to go back to where they came from. This pushed them to convert to Christianity. This is the same thing Manjit did to marry Suman. 

The scene shifts to when Josephine, Dusty, and Kelly show up at Reena’s house for the dinner party. However, the looks on Kelly and Jo’s faces suggest they’re not there for a friendly dinner but to stir up trouble for Reena and her family.

Suman senses something off about Jo, but Manjit reassures her that everything is okay and not to worry too much. While Jo keeps Suman busy, Kelly starts snooping around the house. During dinner, Manjit tries to keep the conversation light, talking about family and other topics, but Reena gets upset.

When Manjit tries to empathize with Jo and understand their struggles, Josephine snaps and insults Manjit, calling him a “retard” to his face. Reena tries to intervene, but Jo and Kelly storm out. Later, it’s found that Suman’s earrings are missing, but Reena defends Jo and Kelly, saying they wouldn’t do such a thing.

Manjit then forbids Reena from hanging out with the girls from Seven Oaks ever again. When Reena visits Seven Oaks the next day to bid them farewell, Jo tricks her into doing something that no sane person would do.

On Jo’s orders, Reena lies to the police that Manjit, her father has been molesting her. As a result, Manjit is dragged out of his house, by the cops, and Reena gets a room in the Seven Oaks, where she can now live with the girls. 

The Episode Review

Episode 4 finally pulls back the curtain on Majit’s arrest and reveals a shocking truth. His own daughter, fabricated a story of abuse to escape to a life with Kelly and Jo, two rebellious girls with a penchant for disrespect.

Jo and Kelly envied Reena, who seemed to have it all – loving parents, a beautiful home, and abundant comforts. Despite her privileges, Reena yearned to fit in with a different crowd, a desire that Jo and Kelly exploited for their own ends.

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