Ultra Q – My Guardian Angel | Album Review

Track Listing

VR Sex
I Watched Them Go
Web Web Web 
So Very Emo
I Wanna Lose 
Dark Green 


This is straight in your face rock with punk underpinnings. The band, Ultra Q, is on an adventure, trudging through misery and darkness on their album My Guardian Angel.

However, there is some light here, as the instruments bask in radiance and are at the core of everything. Lead singer Jakob Armstrong, who you may know as Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s son, perfectly goes out on his own on this album, creating songs that his dad should be proud of. 

It’s not pure punk this album, but it has those elements striking into the middle point of a pop sound.

This doesn’t impair the music. It raises it up, pushing it forward with a blitz of contemporary rock. With this album, the band has created a well-rounded record, full of vibes and purpose. Lyrically they’ve looked within themselves and the state of the modern world. At moments, Armstrong sounds despondent and emotional, looking for solace in the darkness.  

12 songs make up the LP.

‘I Watched Them Go’ has poppy layers, and Armstrong sees an angel in his dreams. The instrumental input isn’t blistering, but calming and soothing, and the song is a clear standout.  

‘Klepto’ has a well-composed bass-line, and the vocal work is yet again sublime. Armstrong sings about love and a voice that breaks his heart, and under the instrumentals he’s still heard.

‘So Very Emo’ directs us to the sadness. It blooms well with great beats and tones and no raucousness. The track shows the band’s immense creativity.  

Ultra Q delivers many notes and diverse instrumentals while feeling the brunt of a tired world.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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