Twinsanity – Netflix Film Review


An Underwhelming Thriller

Originally called Downward Twin, Twinsanity is a very basic psychological thriller. Armed with a chunks of expository dialogue, Twinsanity is a little rough around the edges but makes up for it with a pretty enjoyable story and a nicely worked twist at the end. While Twinsanity fails to offer anything particularly outstanding that hasn’t been done better elsewhere, the ending to this one almost makes the journey worth taking.

The story itself revolves around identical twins who find their world turned upside down when their Mum passes away. Seeing this as a wake-up call, Celeste sets out to try and forge her own identity in the world after spending most of her life with her sister Leeann. As the two drift apart and their differences become more apparent, the film takes a sinister turn as the two sisters turn against one another, resulting in a climactic showdown.

For the most part, Twinsanity feels very much like a day-time thriller. The dialogue is a little clumsy, the story very simplistic and this is all made very apparent early on. Some of the slower segments do feature an awful lot of expository dumps too and this only further reinforces the feeling of the dialogue feeling clunky and unnatural.

Stylistically at least, Twinsanity does have some redeeming features. The visible differences in clothing between the two girls is apparent to see and one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to subconscious tells. After all, Power Rangers utilized this tool very effectively back in the early 90s. Still, seeing Celeste in predominantly blue colours while Leeann embraces a darker shade of red does help set the two girls apart. On top of this, some of the editing is nicely implemented too, especially late on when some of the scenes fade into one another and overlap.

There are some redeeming features with this one though and the film is certainly watchable. If you’re looking for something to take the edge off some of the more prolific offerings in this genre, you’re sure to find some enjoyment with this one. The ending does make this much more palatable too and prevents this one from really falling off the edge. Despite this, Twinsanity does fail to really deliver anything worthwhile, making it a somewhat underwhelming thriller given the premise.


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  • Verdict - 4/10

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